I Plan: Visual Novel Project – Title Screen Draft (A Singer’s Dream)

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

I need feedback. Should I fill the entire window with the title screen image or will the following do (with the black horizontal borders)? Any other comments are welcomed as well.

title screen shot.png

I also tentatively set the title screen music as one of A’s random guitar medleys. I realise I like the sound of his guitaring a lot. It soothes me.

I am going through a family financial problem right now and God only knows how much I wanted to smash my handphone out of sheer rage.

Well, I did slam it down against my Beginning RPG Maker VX Ace book and made a really weird rage noise but after that, I listened to A’s medley and I just felt better.

Maybe one day, my voice will soothe someone in the same way. That really is a singer’s dream; to have a voice that affects people.

Oh yeah, I bought that book by Darrin Perez from Book Depository. I really enjoyed reading and following the instructions he gave. He guided rather well with simple and clear instructions. Although the screenshots inside the book were in black and white, I was still able to follow Chapter 1 closely.

Chapter 1 mostly dealt with setting up. From there, I decided to meddle with the title screen on my own and I must say, RPG Maker VX Ace, which I shall now call RMVXA, is rather intuitive and newbie-friendly. Hahaha!

He Knows best. – MM

I Ramble: 30 August 2016

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

I know I should be writing something here but I have been rather private lately. I apologise for my inability to share a lot of things at this point. It is not like I am feeling depressed or anti-social or anything else negative. I suppose as I grow older, I become less bothered to narrate. Hahaha!

Well, at this point, I am still feeling happy. Sure, I still have my ups and downs but nonetheless my current state of mind is in good condition… I just need to push it to an empire state of mind!

Right now, I am steadying my ship, to be frank. I am trying to form my good habits. Unfortunately, I must note that I have been very tardy despite being up early. I am so so so grateful to A for texting me every morning at what seems to be ungodly hours of 4am to 5am hahaha! And also for texting me every night and making sure I get my shut-eye by 11pm. Alhamdulillah. 🙂

So yep, gotta work on punctuality and sticking to my laundry days! Also, it seems like every Thursday is cooking day for me. I was thinking why not eh? Thursdays are cooking days. Fridays and Saturdays are laundry days.

I think the biggest project right now is cleaning room! Muahahaha! I am trying to speed it up though.

He is Knower of all things. – MM

I Ramble: 17 August 2016

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

I am slowly but surely changing, just when I thought I am condemned to be a beast for the rest of my life.

You know how my silent depression can go on days for end. Well, it seems like I managed to keep it to just yesterday. I don’t feel all moody right now. I feel alright. I am still stressed but I don’t feel like keeping to myself all the time.

I guess what made the difference was my decision to reply A’s texts. It took me about four hours maybe before I felt bad about not replying him and decided to push myself to do so.

Well, it was nice to not have someone throwing the if-this-is-your-passion-then-you-should-be-blahblahblah lecture into my face. I know A also has that in his locker but hey, girl’s having a bad day. She just needs some sympathy — if you can’t afford empathy — so give it to her and she will be alright already.


Well, I wrote the above when my day began and I am writing now when my day has ended. Well, I was quite cranky but more smiley than yesterday. Although I am feeling the heat from work, I at least don’t feel like digging a hole and staying in there. I feel somewhat focused because I know what I need to do and when to get them done. I will finally be able to catch a little breather in the afternoon tomorrow.

For now, I would like to exhale a long sigh after a looong day.


Only He knows and He is the Knower of all things. – MM

I Ramble: 16 August 2016

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

I am entering that silent depression mode again.

I am feeling the weight of my workload. The problem with feeling this weight is when you have to pull it alone instead of having the opportunity to share it with others.

Maybe I just don’t know how to ask for help? Maybe having all these responsibilities handed down to me leads to the mentality that the burden is mine alone to bear.

I need to enter Godmode already.

By the end of today, I will need to have done up two wall displays, submit a 100-word profile, come up with three different dance items for three different levels, and draft up a fundraiser proposal.


Allah knows best and He is the Knower of all things. – MM

I Ramble: 14 August 2016

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

I am in bed right now getting ready to sleep instead of getting ready to watch the first match of the PL season. And it’s Arsenal v Liverpool some more. Wow, I am growing up.

Well, not really. It is more of A encouraging me to be responsible.

I am pretty sure he wants to see me grow up knowing how to cook and taking good care of mself. Basically, being more independent and less reliant on others, which leads to being more beneficial to others.

How sweet.

Anyway, so yup, a lot of things have happened and/or are happening for me but maybe, growing up also includes being more private; I just don’t feel like sharing them publicly although they are all good things that are happening to me. Alhamdulillah.

Well, here is to growing up. Will be 27 soon anyway. Why wait for later on my birthday when I can begin now?

Wow. A has changed me quite a fair bit. Hmh.

And Allah is Knower of all things. — MM

I Ramble: 8 August 2016

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

I wish I can wake up like this everyday… I was woken up by A just now around 10 mins before 5am. Wheeee~ He texted me good morning, wondering if I’ll be fasting today. I actually had no intention of doing so but since he woke me up and he’ll be fasting today, I thought why not. Hahaha! Got friend! Hahaha!

I find it extremely weird that I can’t get up to loud alarms and phone calls… Yet I could get up to the notification of his WhatsApp message. I told him that just now and he too found that weird. Muahahaha!

Well, what can we weirdos do? Hehe.

At this rate, I will be cultivating a habit of fasting on Mondays and Thursdays! Thanks, A! Good habits are very much appreciated. He wants me to be up earlier on other days too so I will have powerful and productive days. Yaaaaaayyyy!

One of these days, I might grow into the habit of cooking my own breakfast and/or to dabao for lunch at work. Ha! Huda finally wanting to cook. Shhhh!

I really feel so happy right now. Alhamdulillah. I am very well occupied with work and all the things going on in my life right now and on top of that, I have wonderful friends to keep me company.

He Knows best la and He is Knower of all things. – MM

I Ramble: 5 August 2016

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Just a quick post. I picked up a book from the library called Music Business for Dummies. I have been dabbling in music lately. Just last night I recorded my vocals demo for my band’s first original song. Yay! Hahaha! A critiqued it and he appreciates the effort I put in. Let me know if you wanna hear it! Hehe. I posted it in my family’s LINE group chat and my colleagues’ group chat on top of the band group chat. The negatives were equal to the positives. A lot for me to take in, learn, and improve. I am glad.

I am finding it increasingly difficult to juggle the many many responsibilities I have on top of the many many things I have to do and on top of the many many things I want to do.

Hay naku.

Especially music. Really not enough time, what more moolahs.

Will check out a sale at a music shop in Downtown East tomorrow with my younger sister, Hidayah. If the price is reasonable, I might get an electric guitar along with a basic starter kit. Amp, picks, etc. If they sell microphones, I wouldn’t hesitate to look into getting a condenser for recording, what with all these original compositions surfacing in my band, by A, by my cousin, Ryan Dee, and by myself, of course. I might even think of looking into setting up a mini-home studio.

Well, see, I already need to divide my time to cater to the various aspects of music: listening to music, studying music, writing songs, recording music, practising on various instruments, performing songs, and sharing music. But how can I do all that efficiently given my current workload? Adoi la adoi.

Still, I am secretly grateful you’re living this moment with me.

More music, please.

And Allah Knows best. And He is the Knower of all things. – MM