I Ramble: 18 March 2018


I didn’t know. Huhu.


I Ramble: 11 March 2018

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

Today, I chose to just close my eyes and rest after a long day of work in the MRT. I just couldn’t be bothered about which ah ma or ah gong walk in and whatever not. Anyway, I didn’t sit on the priority seat. I just want to shut down because I had an emotionally draining day at work. Unfortunately, there was a group of snide elderly people, actually they are not even old la. Maybe at most late 40s. Yet, can still say “Why disturb the young person’s sleep?” and laughed. Then when I offered the seat, so stuck up. Say don’t want.

You want to say I feel entitled to sit, you are also showing me your entitlement.

Sure, I am guilty for not opening my eyes big big after waking up at 4.30am and working for 11 hours and standing at work, and giving up my seat. But I think my behaviour can be rectified whereas for your hearts, they will forever stay black.

Never mind, we are an ageing population. Soon, you will be competing for your seat amongst yourselves. Go figure.

I am so annoyed. Ugh.

I always get bullied like this in public, you know, by these aged people. I was called out once by an uncle as I was leaving the eatery saying that I didn’t know how to look around and give up my seat because for that unfortunate day I just put my bag on the empty chair beside me when my habit was to always put it on my lap. Best part was he didn’t even mention anything during my entire stay with my friends. Only when I was leaving that he pulled me back and made the snide remark.


Seriously, I’m just so unlucky sometimes. Just for that one day that I wanna be the ‘bad’ guy, I get singled out instead. Just before the incident happened, I even gave way for the elderly to alight instead of rushing in.

Seriously. Ugh.

Like why the fuck must it be me? There was once an ah ma who was waaaaay older than them like in her 70s and 80s who was more considerate of me. She wanted me to sit down instead because I was so tired but I let her sit instead.

Maybe it’s just my fate to attract all these bullies from kindergarten right up to middle-aged goons.

Okay, rant over. Sighs.

Life goes on. They’re not paying my bills and I don’t owe them a living. Instead, my money via taxes is actually supporting their privilege on MRT as well as their medical bills.

And should they truly have the senior citizen card, well hey, I paid full adult fare for my seat that I got on multiple stops before you got on…when the train was quite empty. So I must keep on opening my eyes every stop is it?

Or maybe it is now a common social etiquette that I can’t close my eyes while sitting during peak period. My bad then.


Can’t believe I had an emotional meltdown thanks to a bunch of bullies.

I should have just pretended I was pregnant. Then they would have just been embarassing themselves.

They are probably the type of customers who always cause a mess while shopping on my shop floor.

Hais. Okay okay. Enough of them already. One entire post some more.

And there goes my precious one hour.

And Allah is the Most Understanding and Kind. And human beings are all idiots. Myself included. – MM