About The Police And A Little More

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

I will have to retract my ill sentiment towards the police after what had happened.

In early May, I was scammed. I didn’t file a police report because at that time, I no longer had any faith in them due to the whole number blocking thing. At the request of Grab, I finally filed an online police report. I was contacted by an officer to provide a statement. We were supposed to meet at my nearest police station but I only found out at the police station that my appointment was overlooked. Look, I could have kicked up a storm, upload another disappointment post, but to me, it was pretty obvious that there are more serious cases out there compared to mine. I’m sensitive but not unreasonable. I didn’t mind the trip out since it’s near my house and I had a direct bus. Some fresh air always does one good. I digressed. Anyway, later on that night the officer contacted me again and offered to meet me at my home. I didn’t want to initially because my house wasn’t guest-ready but since he wanted to get it done quickly and I wanted to get it done quickly, we did meet in the comfort of my home eventually.

The officer was really kind. He even explained to me how exactly noise nuisance matters are like. So apparently, you’re supposed to call the direct number of your nearest NPC instead of the general non-emergency hotline. More responsive. And you’re supposed to call every 15 minutes to let them know that the noise is still persisting. Otherwise, they will think that the noise has subsided and so they won’t take any action. He himself has attended to a noise nuisance complaint. It was about an inconsiderate resident who turns the TV on loudly at 1am in the morning everyday. He knocked and informed the resident that it was too noisy and told him to turn it down but the resident was like, “This is mah house and I’mma do whatever I want”. So the officer waited outside to monitor. The resident still had the TV on loudly. So the officer knocked on the door again to remind. The resident was still insistent on keeping the TV on at that volume. The officer waited again while monitoring. The resident still didn’t repent so at the third knock, the officer went in and removed the TV.

I have read somewhere that it is part of the law that enables the police to remove the object that is causing the noise.

So now that I know how exactly to report noise nuisance from my upstairs neighbours, I’m feeling better about it. I’m still a little salty but hey, my neighbours have been quieter, and an officer has explained everything to me. So all is good.

So now NWA’s Fuck The Police should be wholly directed to the policemen worldwide who practice police brutality. Makes my skin crawl — the thought that a classic song dating decades ago is still relevant today.

Anyway, police cases aside, life is life.

And Allah is Al-Waajid, The Perceiver. – MM

“I’m starting to feel distant again.”

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

I find myself lost and found myself here. I thought I can express easily what I’m feeling now. But the words just slipped away.

So, mood music — I think the song sends the vibes better than I can construct sentences to describe them feels.

About the upstairs neighbours? Well, I have been praying for them to be permanently silenced, to be honest, so that whoever lives in this house may live peacefully. Can you imagine an elderly couple moving in here only to be woken up rudely with loud noises? It’s not right. Especially not during the night when you’re supposed to be in bed.

Oh, God, there are a lot of things to update here. I did more than I thought I would do.

Still, it never feels like what I’ve done is enough.

Maybe it’s because I still don’t know what I want. How do you set out to achieve something you don’t even know you want?

And Allah is Al-Hayy, The Living. – MM

Quick Updates

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

Police blocked my husband’s number… must be because we, the complainants, are Malays.

I finally responded to my bandmate’s musical challenge, if you are not updated on this yet.

I closed the chapter on the neighbour saga because you know, whatever. Nobody, including the housing board, gave a diddly squat for a home owner who has paid for his house in full simply because he is a Malay. So I can’t give two hoots about the country now in general.

Been livestreaming my blind playthroughs with Nora on YouTube because PS4 is convenient like that. I also tested livestreaming on Twitch using Twitch Studio with a webcam on me. That was a new experience, which you may not get to see often because I’m lazy like that. Must be because I’m Malay.

Even Malays don’t treat Malays fairly here in this country. Stupid She-Who-Does-Not-Deserved-To-Be-Named.

Right now, just trying to move on with my life and yep, I am moving on with a different worldview now. Specifically, this:


And Allah is Al-Mumeet, The Bringer of Death. – MM

Insipid Insomniac

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

It took me a good while, with clenched fist, before I could type this out. For those of you who followed my Insta-Stories, you know that I’ve been roughed up for the past few weeks but even more so in the past few days by very inconsiderate upstairs neighbours.

Long story short, constant thumping throughout the day but worst during after hours.

I can clearly remember at least two occasions where I was woken up by the thumping.

So two days ago, my husband called the non-emergency police hotline. The noise was not any better but at least more controlled.

But I’m assuming they thought the police warning was an empty threat because just now they really pissed my husband off.

He was so pissed that he took a chair to hit the ceiling. Ya know, warning hits.

From his past experience, it would usually shut them up.

But wow, just now, evil just got bolder. They hit back sia. My husband hit again. Wow, hit back again.

So of course he rang the police.

We assumed the police visited when there was a sudden silence. Just dead silence.

It lasted for a good 30 minutes maybe before the fuckers went at it again but thankfully, it wasn’t prolonged.

Hopefully they sent a fierce cop to shut them up for good.

And apparently, as the police told us over the phone, we are actually allowed to call the cops on neighbours who make persistent noises to the point of being a nuisance… at any time of the day. Even if it is plain broad daylight, afternoon, or what may have you.


So, back to the title of my post, I think I’m turning into an insomniac. I wouldn’t say I’m traumatised but I think it’s more of me being on edge, trying to figure out how to best resolve this, and maybe most of all, secretly trying to capture the noises.

Weirdly, it has been a mammoth task trying to gather evidence. It’s like trying to get decent paranormal activity footage.

Evil can be really elusive, huh?

At this point, I’m just happy that I have a lot of time to recalibrate my systems back to normalcy. Imagine having to return to work in a week’s time with this kind of problem and me finding it extremely hard to feel at peace when trying to fall asleep. I can’t, if I’m in that situation, I really can’t.

I did my research and apparently, they can be fined up to $1000. I hope that the dead silence from the second police visit means they have been slapped with a fine of some sort. First times are usually warnings, right? Very funny, right, when policemen show up at your door at 3am in the morning? Not so funny when you have to pay up to a grand now, right?

Hais, well, I have complained about them throwing water out of their kitchen window onto our aircon ledge and laundry rails. That was quite effective. They’ve stopped. I have complained about them throwing rubbish out of their kitchen window and onto our aircon ledge and kitchen ledge. That was quite effective too. It still happens every now and then but so far we usually poke out any rubbish on the ledge so that it won’t accumulate anymore. Then I actually complained about the noise to town council. Not very effective. I used the OneService app, which got redirected to HDB. Not very effective either. In fact, we were advised to tolerate because, ya know, flat life. Called the police, first time, seemed like not effective. Called the second time, better than previous round.

So I think right now my mind is just bursting with the infinite imaginative possibilities and scenarios that results in my inability to sleep.

And I feel like I’m losing a good sense of myself because of this. Because while I’m trying to be a good person, the dark side of me really hates those muthafucka’s guts.

Also it doesn’t help that I’ve watched Peaky Blinders. It’s bringing out the gangsta in me. Lol.

One of the more powerful scenes for me. Gangster or not, when they found out that the orphanage they were funding had abused children, especially children of colour until it led to suicide, they really went in and get at them nuns. You have to watch the clip uninterrupted and preferably with ear/headphones in order to fully enjoy the impact.

It actually reminds me of Borderlands 2’s Brick’s foolproof method of punching…. I PUNCH THE PROBLEM.

And Allah is Al-Muhyi, The Giver of Life. – MM

About Marriage.

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

I really enjoyed watching the above video about marriage in Singapore. It makes me feel rejuvenated for some reason. It really really is some real talk about marriage. There’s a lot of things pointed out that I can relate.

If you were to ask me what marriage is before I was married, I can give you all the fantastical versions of it, which I still believe in though I can’t exactly remember what those versions are hahaha!

However, if you were to ask me what marriage is now, the reply you’re going to get from me, in a heartbeat, is a sigh.

Don’t get me wrong. A sigh is not necessarily a negative thing.

I just find that, a sigh answers what marriage is about, beautifully. In that sigh, you can pick up on a culminated sense of relief, happiness, and grievances.

*huge sigh* It’s a relief to have someone in your life who will ride and die, with and for you, figuratively and maybe even for real actually.

Also, there are lots of happy moments in your marriage. Mine is full of wit and teasing and laughter, and *dreamy sigh* mostly me pouting just to get that special nice attention. 😀

But not gonna lie, we’ve had some tough moments and for myself, there are some issues that I’m still trying to navigate around as a wife. *deep sigh*

We all grow in our own pace so like the eldest couple said, don’t compare your marriage or even yourselves and the people around you to others.

One of the couples said, “Don’t listen to third parties.” That is exceptionally true. Basically, your marriage is your own. In that marriage, there is only two people. Everyone else is outside of it regardless if they are kin or kith. Even strangers will feel inclined to comment on your marriage. Just ignore them. Your marriage is your business and your business is none of their business.

But really the golden takeaway from the video is from the eldest couple again: Whenever they get into an argument, they will say, “Maybe you’re right”.

And I think that is fucking brilliant. I will definitely use that from now on, now that I’ve learnt that.

I mean, you don’t actually acknowledge that the other person is right wholly by using the word ‘maybe’ so that helps your ego and at the same time, it helps your partner’s ego because it gives him/her hope that you will reflect on whatever they expressed so they feel acknowledged at least.

See, fucking brilliant.

It was nice that they ended the interviews with each couples renewing their vows to each other.

Of course, Malays don’t really do wedding vows but more to the Hari Raya thing where you seek forgiveness and aspire to be a better person.

And damn, that is pretty beautiful too. Actually made me proud to be Malay for once. Hahaha!

Just watch the video already if you haven’t, damnit! Hahaha!

And Allah is Al-Mu’id, The Reinstater Who Brings All Back. – MM

“Wanna meet my girlfriend?!”

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

“Wanna meet my girlfriend?!” exclaimed my Borderlands 2 character, Axton. To which my husband was caught by surprise and asked, “What?! What did he just say?!”

So I laughed and explained to him that my character regards his turret as his girlfriend.

For some context and for those who enjoys all Axton dialogues, here it is:

“Wanna meet my girlfriend?!” can be heard at around 8:04. He’s quite funny. I really enjoy playing him. He makes a nice battle companion in my opinion.

Speaking of girlfriend, my guitar is now my girlfriend in my resolution to learn to play a song on it. This morning when I tried to play her, she became an absolute bitch, refusing to sing, and only slowly warmed up when my husband touched her.

*throws up hands*

Sometimes these things have a mind of their own and on some days, they just prefer whoever they love best. Kind of like animals and plants, inanimate objects sometimes have their own mind.

It’s definitely a sign that I need to play her more. Get used to me! Muahahaha!

Okay, I should probably be less aggressive to her.

And Allah is Al-Mubdi, The Producer, Originator, And Initiator Of All. – MM