I Ramble: 4 April 2019

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Well, hello, there!

I think I chose a great date to get back to bloggging. 4/4, how cool is that? Anyway, I am on my way to work so this will be a rather short blog post. I was supposed to blog yesterday but as hard as I tried, I just couldn’t do much yesterday. Let’s see. I worked from 8am to close to 8pm, reached home at 9pm, swept and mopped the entrance of my house, scrubbed the toilet bowl and bathed until 10pm. Reheated yesterday’s meal for a super late dinner. Applied for my new cooker and toaster’s warranty. Updated my bullet journal and store some of my unpacked clothes from my Tampines home into my closet. After all that jazz it was 11.30pm already. So how? You tell me how was I supposed to have more time on my hands? Huhu.

But yeah, having a bullet journal really helps me in staying more focused on tasks instead of my fatigue. Sometimes, I think, allowing ourselves to feel tired will only make us feel more tired. So…yeah just keep your mind distracted by the 1001 things you gotta get done. It’s more productive that way and even your breaks in between your tasks become more productive — in terms of being meaningful.

And that’s that for now!

And Allah is Al-Khafid, the Abaser. -MM


I Write: Mortal – Chapter 6

“Venera? Care to explain?” Anar prompted for the second time.

“Okay, I will but let’s at least secure the school grounds first. Our witch kins are securing the forest as we speak now. The Qakkirs must not cross over into the land of kiths,” Venera replied.

Anar showed a sign of disapproval on his face but quickly hid it when he got Zola to look at him and said, “I have to go now. I need to help them but I will bring you to the infirmary first.”

Zola nodded weakly. There was not much that she could do anyway.

“Come follow me,” Anar said gently.

Zola hesitated. Anar seemed to have understood her instantly when he said while pointing towards the nearest stairwell, “It’s okay. We’ll take the stairs down. The staircase is right next to the corner there.”

Zola felt immensely relieved that she did not have to disappear into thin air like Afif and Johnson did.

She quietly followed Anar, who measured his stride to suit Zola. She was suddenly overcome by a sense of appreciation she never had for him. The guy who chaired the computer club at her high school… The guy whom she found to be boring… The guy who had been her friend for some good years….

However, her wandering mind was jolted when Anar suddenly turned to her to say, “We’re here.”

Anar opened the door to a very spacious room filled with many occupied beds. There were a few students whose faces she had seen before. She had not have the luxury of knowing everyone yet given that school had just started for them. Unfortunately, it seemed that she might not be able to get to know them for a long time.

Anar placed his left hand on her right shoulder and said, ” Come on. Have a seat over there.”

He led her to a corner with a sofa set. They sat together on the three-seater couch.

“Just rest here, okay? You can lie down if you want to. I need to help the school now,” Anar said gently before standing up to leave the room.

Zola remained quiet as Anar left the infirmary using the door. Zola found it comforting that he did not vanish in front of her.

Perhaps he chose not to?

Zola did not know what to think anymore. She decided to take up Anar’s suggestion and positioned her body to lie fully on the couch she was sitting on. She was quite surprised to find that the light above was not glaring at all. In fact, the light felt extremely soothing and calming. In a matter of moments, Zola dozed off, unaware that Anar too had disappeared outside the infirmary.

I Write: Mortal — Chapter 5

Just before Zola could approach the girl sobbing on her right to comfort her, two student councillors escorted the girl out of the hall. They moved so quickly that Zola could not find the chance to speak to them.

Zola took another look at her surroundings. The hall was fast being emptied out, which allowed her to see a more familiar face.

“Afif!” Zola finally found her voice.

Afif acknowledged with a nod and held out his hand to her to signal her to wait for him.

Zola waited patiently for a good five minutes while Afif tended to a wounded male student. Once he was done, the student was wheeled away and Afif made his way to Zola.

“How are you holding up, Zola?” Afif asked without delay.

“I’m…I’m just…in shock,” Zola tried her best to finish her sentence.

Afif looked at her sympathetically and then took a seat beside her. He sighed, while his visage wore a frown. Clearly, there was something he needed to tell her but he didn’t know how.

“Where is Nerea?!” Lyuben bellowed as he entered the hall. Zola and Afif looked up at him. Afif rose from his seat to face him. Zola turned to look at where Venera had left Nerea previously but she was missing.

“Calm down, Lyuben,” Afif used a controlled voice to counter Lyuben’s outburst.

“Just tell me where she is!” Lyuben cried out.

“She was just here with me. Venera left her here with me,” Zola chimed in.

“Then where is she now?!” Lyuben sprang towards Zola but Afif quickly held him back.

“We’ll find her. There’s no need to flip out like that. Zola is still in shock. You can’t find her like this. Right now is not a good time to act this way. We already have a situation in our hands,” Afif said while maintaining his grip on Lyuben.

“But -“

Afif turned Lyuben’s face towards him and looked deeply into his eyes. Zola noticed a drastic change in Lyuben’s gaze, which made her feel bewildered.

What the hell was that?

The two guys broke their gaze and Lyuben stepped back, looking slightly overcome. Whatever hold that Afif had over him must have worked as Lyuben slumped himself beside Zola weakly.

Seriously, what the hell was that?

Zola wondered.

“Afif, I need a report. Are the wounded tended to?” A familiar voice interrupted Zola’s thought. Venera arrived looking slightly frazzled.

“Yes, the injured kins have been relocated to the infirmary below and
all kiths who were wounded have been sent to the hospital,” Afif said dutifully. “The wardens will explain to the kiths’ hospital as discussed. I have dispensed the memory tampering potion you passed me to each one of the kiths, even the uninjured.”

“Good, I will need you to at the infirmary to check on their progress and let me know immediately when anyone is fully healed. I need every single one of their help to combat the Qakkirs.”

“Would you like me to recall our kiths’ guardian angels?”

Venera thought for a moment before replying Afif, “No, I will need them to monitor what is happening beyond Arevig’s grounds. I just want to be sure that the Qakkirs are confined to Arevig forest. More importantly, I want them to ensure that the kiths do not remember anything about this crisis.”

“Venera!” A sullen student councillor interjected while running towards her. “We have ensured that all the kiths have been safely escorted and transported out. Potions are also dispensed to them.”

The student councillor noticed Lyuben nearby and went towards him. He placed his hand on Lyuben’s shoulder and said, “Nerea is safe.”

Lyuben looked up at the mention of Nerea’s name. The student councillor continued, “She is on the way home and safe. Do not worry about her anymore.”

Lyuben put on an appreciative smile and patted on the councillor’s hand, “Thanks, Johnson.”

The councillor by the name of Johnson then turned to Zola and his face became more sullen. “Venera, why is she allowed here?”

“I need her here, Johnson.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I’m not sure myself, which is why I need her to stay here until I’ve figured it out. Her middle name is Chichi.”

Johnson raised his eyebrows and turned away from Zola. “Whatever it is, figure it out quickly, Venera, for her safety.”

“Don’t tell me what to do,” Venera said, slightly annoyed.

Johnson chuckled and started walking away from them, “I’ll check on the action outside.”

Zola gasped loudly when she saw Johnson disappearing into thin air as he walked out. Venera, Afif, and Lyuben looked at Zola immediately.

“He… he…. he…” Zola tried to string her words together but failed as her trembling finger tried to point at the spot where Johnson disappeared.

“He’s such a show off, don’t mind him,” Venera said coolly. “Right, Afif, off you go to the infirmary now.”

“Like now? Like that?” Afif gestured towards Johnson’s disappearance spot.

“You might as well. We need to tell her anyway.”

Afif shrugged and vanished. Zola’s jaw dropped.

What the-

Before she could even finish her thought, she felt the heavy presence beside her lift off in a fluttering breeze.

Is there a window?

But when she turned to look at her side, Lyuben was no longer there. And there was no window.

Zola felt incredibly faint. Venera looked sadly at Zola. She hated this so much; overwhelming any kith with knowledge they should not be having. Just as Venera was about to address Zola, she noticed someone approaching them.

“Anar!” Zola recognised the person immediately and ran to him and hugged him. She was surprised at herself for doing so and she was even more surprised that she did not care in doing so. Anar blinked in disbelief and looked at Venera sheepishly.

It took a while for Anar to snap out of his temporary confusion. He looked at Venera and mouthed, “What’s going on?”

Venera sighed in reply.

I Ramble: 7 January 2019

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

Ola! So after a poll on my Insta Story, I decided to pursue Japanese Language this year. Dududu duuuuuu! Yas, mon. Gonna do self-study on it because I’ve blown my education budget this year on the programming class I took on Udemy. Kwang kwang kwang.

Atashi wa Nururu Huda desu! Nice to meet you! Hahahaha!

So yeah hoping to have fun with it and most importantly listen out to what my bosses are bitching about in Japanese without them knowing. MUAHAHAHAHA!

Yeah, it feels whimsical but given that I’m actually working for a Japanese company, I might as well learn a thing or two about it.

I find that it is easier to learn reading and writing first before learning vocabulary and grammar, as was the case when I was dabbling in Korean. Korean’s Hangul system really made it easy for me to learn the language, unlike Mandarin and Japanese. Hangul is very systematic in the order of writing each syllable. You must always write a consonant first before writing a vowel. As for Mandarin and Japanese, you really have to memorise the characters because there isn’t that same order of writing a consonant first before a vowel to make up a sound. So looks like it is going to be a lot of memory work for me first.

In other news, I’m trying to drink plain water but it has been a huuuuuge challenge doing so. I kept drinking coffee and tea but never like, plain water. What a bad habit I have all these years. How to have good skin like that? More importantly, that is probably why I don’t have the same amount of energy like everyone else because I leave my body withered and dried up all the time. Like a prune.

I’m not looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow. A part of me wants to continue yet another part of me is screaming leave before something bad happens. I really don’t know. However, I am making the decision of whether to consider switching careers after I receive my 13th month bonus in February. Everybody else in the world got theirs in December. Uniqlo has to be extra and postpone that bonus for CNY instead of Christmas. Well, that is assumption. HAHAHAHA!

But yeah I no longer have the passion I once had for this company. I feel like I sacrificed a lot for it but it will never hold me in the same accord as I did for it. So.

Anyway, that’s that. I just want to end this post by saying how happy I am in being a bit more productive than I usually am during my off day. But boy, do off days pass you by so quickly. And suddenly, it’s back to work once more. Shame.

And Allah is Al-Qaabidh, The Straightener. – MM

I Ramble: 2 January 2019

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

I am still not used to writing or typing 2019. I kept on using ‘2018’. HAHAHA! Stuck in the past for the first few days of January every year. Hehe.

Hi, there! I am nowhere near being fully recovered but mentally I am doing better. A kind soul at work reached out to me and gave me reasons to stay at my current workplace, asking me to be patient, to endure, and just do my best. I’ve learnt well by now that for every 10 things I do right, they get erased by one mistake I make. But you know, I will have to learn to discard that pressure off my soul. Like, I will just have to accept that it’s how things work at my workplace but at the same time reject it from intruding my life like a computer virus, breaking me down and tearing me apart through that initial point of contact. Basically, just ignore work. Like, do my job seriously at work but don’t take it seriously in life. I kinda overexplained, I think, so I hope you guys get what I’m trying to convey.

Anyway, more reasons to celebrate! I finally ordered for myself a FitBit thanks to a considerable discount from my insurance’s initiative, AIA Vitality. Additionally, I invested a bit in bullet journal. Okay, now I am not sure if I have mentioned about bullet journal in my previous post. But I will just regurgitate a bit. I ordered dotted notebooks and bought Sakura Pigma pens in a bid to motivate myself to complete a full year of bullet journalling! Yes, as previously shared, my theme for this year centres around the idea of completion. Seeing things through to the end because we all know that I am so lazy to the point that I never complete anything I started. So let’s stop that bad habit through a fun habit.

Oh, oh! I also signed up with Udemy and bought a web developer course for just S$14.99. They are still having a New Year sale and some courses are actually SkillsFuture Credit eligible if you spent a certain amount of time on it. Yeah, imagine, a $200+ course being sold for just $15. In SGD no less! So go check it out! I almost signed up for an elementary Japanese language course but I decided to forgo it because I have books for it plus it is always more fun to take actual classes and practise the language with other people in person. So I ended up taking a web developer course. I do have a basic skillset of web development but I definitely need to upgrade my native knowledge of it. Plus, I realise, I am actually quite good at web development-related assignments. I think it will help with my e-Commerce busines efforts, Street MOB Clothing. Additionally, after seeing that accidents can happen to you, such as my husband breaking his ankle, I feel that all the more I should equip myself with skills that will allow me to work from home.

So that’s about it for now. I hope everyone found something incredible for their 2019. Enjoyzzz!

And Allah is Al-‘Alim, The All-Knowing One. – MM

I Ramble: 29 December 2018

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Today, I took MC. I hated the feeling so much; of wanting to throw up yet nothing is coming out and it just feels like my body is depleted of all energy. Doesn’t help that the diarrhea kicked in. Even my husband got it but it seems like I got the worse end of the poisonous gas building inside me that got me horribly nauseous. I don’t feel nauseous now after one nausea pill and three solid hours of sleep. But I still feel achy all over and my stomach cramps are still pretty bad. But I’ll just drag myself to work tomorrow. It just sucks la being sick. No one enjoys being sick.

In a bid to feel less sucky about everything in life, I decided to buy my own pack of Sakura Pigma Micron pens. I bought a set previously for my husband when he was warded at the hospital so that he could busy himself with drawing. It’s probably a foolish move of me to buy a similar pack. His is the Manga pack so he has the 005, 01, 05, 08, Black Brush Pen, and White Gel Pen. When I compared mine to his, I pretty much have most of those except the White Gel Pen. Instead, I have the 03 pen. I’m no pro-doodler so I probably won’t be able to discern the differences among the pens. However, I realised that if I were to use the pens a lot, it probably is a good investment to have more. Additionally, I bought the Sakura Pigma Brush Pens. I was conflicted between the Sakura Koi Brush Pens and the Pigma ones but I eventually decided on the Pigma ones since I wasn’t going to do any watercolour styles in my bullet journal. But I might just go back to get it while it is still on sale. Now I regret not getting the pack. HAHAHAHA! Nah, I’ll give it a miss until I’m more in tuned with brush lettering. It’s more of Eleena’s forte than mine.

I have also ordered two A5 Dotted Leatherette Notebooks from Winzige.sg via Shopee, which will be shipped on 3 January 2019. Yeah, I felt foolish about this decision too, especially in getting two instead of one since I have no idea if the papers are thick enough for my Pigma inks. Plus, we all know how lousy my level of commitment is. Well, I bought two because I didn’t want to go through the hassle of having to purchase it again should I run out of pages. Additionally, the notebook is on sale until end of the month. It costs just $8.90 each, which you will agree, is relatively inexpensive compared to the atas notebooks carried by the brick and mortar stores. Wow, I just combined a commomly used Singlish term and an English term rarely used by Singaporeans in one sentence. HAHAHAHA!

I hope I can recover quickly and feel amazing again.

Stay amazing, friends.

And Allah is Al-Fattah, The Supreme Solver. – MM