I Ramble: 6 August 2017

In the name of Allah, the All-Compassionate, the All-Merciful.

Heyooo there!

So, I survived my dastardly long work week with a jump shift in the middle of it!

Well done, Huda!

Yup, I decided that my new workplace should address me as Huda because nobody is called ‘Huda’ there. Hahaha!

I received very encouraging feedback about my work performance throughout the week, which is very nice! ^_^

I’m really enjoying the vibes on level 1 of my workplace, where I’m situated at. Level 2’s vibes ain’t for me and to a certain extent, I think I simply invoke frustration in the superiors there. So I am really grateful to be in an environment that suits me. Don’t get me wrong; level 1 superiors are still firm and uphold standards but I find that they have more of the human touch.

Just don’t take advantage of their kindness.

And they emphasised on the importance of each and every individual putting in 100% because they find it unfair that the reliable ones are loaded with more work in order to pull the weight of those who only put in 50%.

That was one of my biggest issues with my previous workplace. The reliable ones get piled with more and more work while those who kept saying “I don’t know” and “I don’t want” always get away with it and earn the same Staff Appraisal Review grade as those who put in the shift.

So to have that kind of mentality at my new workplace… is very much welcomed for me.

I know I said I’d like to keep up my writing consistency but hey man, working long hours while standing throughout and commuting while standing throughout does take a toll on one’s body.

Even my mom got to witness how swollen my feet were this morning. I gave up and tried using the Watsons’ feet hydrotherapy machine thingy but my feet still hurt a bunch right now as I’m typing this at 7.30pm plus.


Anyway, I begged the family to buy me a comfy pair of covered black shoes for my birthday this month. Trololol. I cannot take it anymore!

I am turning 28 on the 25th August. I don’t quite know what to feel about it because I’ve been wanting to completely ignore it…because I didn’t really see the cause of celebration for it.

However, right now, since I am in a good headspace and heartspace, I feel like having a ’28’ challenge.

Let’s just call it The 28 challenge. Hahaha! How creative! Basically, 28 things I want to do as a 28-year-old before I turn 29. HAHAHA!

The 28

  1. Read 28 books out of the ones listed in the 2017 Reading Challenge by POPSUGAR.
  2. Create 28 designs for Street MOB Clothing.
  3. Write 28 songs for Rubber Bandits.
  4. Achieve 28 sales for Street MOB Clothing.
  5. Write 28 articles for publications.
  6. Watch 28 films.
  7. Watch 28 television series.
  8. Listen to 28 songs I have never heard before.
  9. Exercise for 28 days.
  10. Go on 28 documented dates with le fiance.
  11. Wish 28 people a ‘Happy Birthday’.
  12. Write 28 letters to le fiance.
  13. Draw 28 portraits.
  14. Create 28 hand-lettering works.
  15. Present a photography collection of 28 photographs.
  16. Present a fashion collection of 28 looks.
  17. Produce 28 vlogs.
  18. Cook 28 dishes.
  19. Bake 28 pastries.
  20. Achieve $28 in savings.
  21. Visit 28 cafes.
  22. Watch 28 music videos I have never watched before.
  23. Watch 28 documentaries.
  24. Learn 28 new words in Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin, and Tagalog respectively.
  25. Learn 28 new phrases in Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin, and Tagalog respectively.
  26. Learn 28 new sentences in Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin, and Tagalog respectively.
  27. Memorise 28 verses of the Quran and the meanings attached.
  28. Sing and record 28 covers.

There we go! Now that should be fun!

And Allah is Ash-Shakur, the Grateful. – MM



I Ramble: 3 January 2017

In the name of Allah, the All-Compassionate, the All-Merciful.

Yes, well, same old rhetoric. I actually penned down 17 goals for 2017 in my notebook but now that life happened, I will be focusing on one goal at a time and at the end of the year, I will see for myself just how many things I manage to achieve in 2017.

Goal #1: To wake up at 6.00am regardless of sleeping time. I just need that consistency everyday to allow me to have some time in the morning for my Quran during Fajr.

So far, I haven’t been consistent and even as I struggled to wake up at that time, I only managed to give le boyfriend a wake-up call before rolling over and falling asleep again. So until I can hit 10 days of consistency in achieving that goal, I won’t be working towards other goals yet.

However, I must say today is the eighth day that I read the Quran after Subuh prayers. I supposed this is a sub-goal that comes with the goal above. While I’m at it, I wanna read the English translation when I’m having my menses. I have been aiming to achieve that for years but it all kept going to the ocean. Haha!

So there we go, something to focus on in January.

And Allah is Ar-Rahim, the All-Merciful. – MM