I Ramble: 1 August 2016

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

I know I have been away for too long! That’s because I have been incredibly sick all these while.

I baked a cake for the July babies nonetheless — for Lyra, A, and Nora! Managed to salvage a slice each even though the top of the cake was badly burnt. All three of them liked it!

Well, except for A. He didn’t like it… He loved it! Wheeee~ I actually only managed to pass the cake to him yesterday. We were supposed to get Long John Silver’s breakfast but he got lost and turned up very late…and then I got us lost in Tampines Mall searching for LJS. Hahahaha!

He felt bad about being late so he treated me to lunch. Hahaha!

I wish we could have spent more time together.

It’s alright though. Looks like we will definitely have to meet up again to satisfy our LJS BF cravings!!! Grrr!!!

He didn’t try the cake in my presence because he wanted to allow his tastebuds to be fully alert. Well, he enjoyed every bite of it. Thankfully. Hahahaha!

Oh, in return for the cake, he created a game for me as a present! Although it was based on the tutorial by GameMaker Pro, he customised it so well! The game is called Fruity El Kapitan. I’ll just let you find out more about the game through the recording of my live stream last night on either my Twitch or YouTube channel:

On Twitch: http://twitch.tv/nhuda/v/80973295
On YouTube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=FU0CcGcKTXc

It was hilarious! Hahaha! Even he found my commentary comical. He was very happy with it. Yaaaaaaaayy!!!

So yeah. He’s happy. I’m happy. We’re all happy!

And Allah is the Knower of all things. – MM