I Write: Mortal — Chapter 2

Zola looked out of Nerea’s dormitory room window. The sky was black but the school grounds’ lights were turned on. “Gee, it is as bright as a stadium around here,” Zola remarked. “I actually like it. Makes you feel safer, especially when you’re returning to the dorm late at night,” Nerea replied. “Nerea, has anythingContinue reading “I Write: Mortal — Chapter 2”

I Write: Mortal — Chapter 1

Zola Chichi Afolayan. zola@quickmail.com Zola lifted her pen and handed the sign-up sheet back to Venera, the president of Arevig College’s Computer Club. Zola decided to join the club mostly because she was impressed by Venera. No one would have guessed Venera’s after-school activity and her position to boot if she was seen outside theContinue reading “I Write: Mortal — Chapter 1”