I Ramble: 8 January 2017

In the name of Allah, the All-Compassionate, the All-Merciful.


I don’t actually know how to begin writing this post hence the sigh and nope, that sigh is not my usual ‘I-am-tired’ sigh but a lovesickly sigh. Hahahaha!

I’m absolutely positively beaming right now.

I’ve been stuck on this post for about 20 minutes now because I have absolutely no idea how to say what I really want to say without being too open about myself hahaha!

Okay uhmm…let’s just say 7.1.17 was a memorable Saturdate for me. It was so memorable that I was starting to tear up out of insane joy. I had to tell myself not to cry. Oh gosh, I was just so indescribably happy! Being really humble people, we started out on a humble date. He picked me up from work and off we went to resume his delivery rounds. While he was doing his delivery, I would wait for him in our humble baby van. While waiting for him, I was writing lyrics. I didn’t tell him this — I actually came up with two song ideas over two occasions when he left me in the van. I was watching him walk off with his parcel/s, admiring his nice ass, when I just started to sing out the verses and melody naturally.  I didn’t share with him because for some reason, I became really shy with him. Hahahaha!

After finishing his delivery, he brought me to a really nice spot near the Woodlands Waterfront Park. The night view is spectacular!

We had a nice time talking while enjoying the view. At this point, I started to realise that he kept gazing at me. I actually asked him, “Why are you looking at me like that?” Man, I could just die in his eyes, seriously. So mesmerising. There was something in his eyes that was trying to tell me something but I kept pulling away from his gaze. Hehe. After a while, we decided to end the night with some drinks at Toa Payoh hub.

En route to Toa Payoh hub, he drove me by the land that used to be where his secondary school was before the school was permanently closed down, his old house, and the place where his late mum used to get her dialysis. It was really nice to travel down his memory lane with him. It just makes our relationship more real to me. Like whoa, I’m that person he chose to share his life with; all his past, his present, and his future.

And then there we were sitting in front of Toa Payoh Courts, having a kick trying different juices we bought randomly. Hehehe. It was really nice sharing drinks with him and talking about anything and everything. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a night city girl. I don’t know. I find that I always enjoy living in the moment with my loved ones at night. There’s something enchanting about the night to me, I suppose. I find that the darkness makes us more intimate with one another because we are looking for comfort in the light inside the other. That’s how I would poetically describe it.

If it was remotely possible, I wouldn’t want last night to end at all. It was truly romantic. I can’t help but play it over and over again in my head the entire day today. I have never been so loved before and I have never been so in love before.

Ya Allah, I feel so blessed that You chose this person to be with me. I wouldn’t have it any other way and it just feels so right.

Well, unfortunately, we both had to face reality. Booooooooooo….

I can’t wait for the day when we can spend endless nights together when I’m legally bound to him.

May Allah bless us as a happy Muslim couple. Amin.

Today, le boyfriend sent me the daytime view of that spot and it looks beautiful too.


And here’s something for you, Bee. The House song that I love so much. Hehe. It really describes how we collide. 😉

“You pull me in, I don’t resist. Time seems to fly but the clock doesn’t tick. I crash into you, we both feel the hit. We both feel the way that our chemicals mix.”

And Allah is Al-Muhaymin, the Guardian. – MM