I Ramble: 9 November 2016

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

“I believe as well that a life of a strong human being is to have a long-term target and not to fade during that trip. Who can maintain the focus? Who is capable to go from A to B without being down everytime that you have a disappointment? Who can maintain the motivation level? And that’s what’s really interesting in our job.” – Arsène Wenger, Manager for Arsenal Football Club for 20 years (I have attached the interview at the end of this post)

I’m potentially running late for work but I just have to get this off my chest. I feel perturbed by the fact that I am not a strong human being and that I couldn’t maintain the focus nor could I avoid expressing my disappointments upon bad news, what more to maintain the motivation level.

Maybe that’s the downside about not having a leader or a mentor to guide me through this project. :/

Maybe even more disturbing is when your project partner told you that her excitement for it has dwindled. That it is just something to get over with.

Because that essentially means I have failed as a partner and a co-leader, even as a leader for everyone else.

I even received confessions from other colleagues about it being the end of the year and people just wanna glide through what is already a long year.

Well, the thing is, this whole project is made to look like I want it to happen so bad regardless of what is going on around me when really, the centre leaders were the ones who pushed it to me and even informed their leaders that we were definitely carrying on this project. Well, on my part, I’m already trying to help everyone at work by combining the fundraiser with the innovation project into one project. Imagine having to host those two separately at this point of time! @_@

But you know what, I think I have lingered long enough on the disappointment that not everyone is on board with me.

I can try to motivate but I know there are no guarantees to the success of my efforts and that it is okay if they are not. Yesterday, I started sanitising stuff in the K2 classroom and well, my Chinese colleague joined in without me asking her. I don’t know if I have that pitiful face or if I have a boss face. Either way, leading by example left me with a good feeling. Like, okay, I know I am capable of inspiring others to action.

So that means for the remainder of what little time is left for this project, I will need to carry a very strong and positive vibe to inspire others to work as well.

If I want something, I’ll make an effort to get it. That is how I am but at the same time, I have to acknowledge the fact that everyone is different so on what common values can we then unite and finish this final race with style?

There is much to ponder but things do not get done by pondering. So now I will have to adopt a pragmatic style of leadership. I will just have to keep on working hard and maintain my own enthusiasm level and just hope that it will naturally inspire others to do so as well.

Well, Nora is a different species altogether but I’ll try. HAHAHAHA!

And Allah is Knower of all things. – MM