In the name of Allah, the All-Compassionate, the All-Merciful.
Assalaamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh! Hi!


I’m Baeda, born a Muslim on 25 August 1989 in the National University Hospital, Singapore to a Javanese father and a Malay mother. I am a girl who can be burly/boyish or all giggly/girly.

Alhamdulillah, I completed an Honours thesis on Cyber-Islam: The Serendipitous, Sensationalised, and Sensitised Spirituality in 2011.

I worked as a Preschool Teacher from 23 April 2012 to 20 May 2017. I became a Senior Retail Associate on 21 July 2017. I am a Supervisor as of 1 June 2018.

I have been a Gooner (or an Arsenal Football Club fan) since the signing of Mesut Özil on 2 September 2013. #YaGunnersYa!

I am a vocalist in a humble band called Rubber Bandits with my boyfriend fiance husband, Beedin, whom I first met on 12 May 2016 through a jamming session with a cover rock band called Dry Magnum and got steady with him on 19 November 2016 after our successful musical collaboration on my school’s play called ‘Legends: Light of Love’. We got engaged on 12 February 2017 and we got married on 12 May 2018.

Writing is another passion of mine, which is why I like to blog. I hope to take it further by writing children’s books in the future or storylines for visual novels.

While I’m not a fashionista, I seem to be taking on a bit more interest in fashion and have partnered up with LEE-ROCKA in an online venture called Street MOB Clothing. A friend told me that I have a radio voice, which I am highly skeptical about and I tend to stutter and stammer but I think that will be a great challenge for me in order to improve my oral skills. I also enjoy playing games although I am not that good. Once in a while, I find myself recording my playthroughs and I hope I can do more of those as well. As you can see, I have varied interests but being a rockstar is definitely my biggest dream. Ever.

Metropolitan Muslimah contains content that sheds light on myself as a Muslim girl living in the city, struggling with first-world problems while trying to be a better servant to Allah. I am definitely not the most exemplary Muslim but that’s what this blog is about; to also show my weaknesses, difficulties, and my flaws as a Muslim. I hope you enjoy your visit here and that you can take away something valuable from my experiences or just relate to them.

Feel free to connect with me through the ways stated below.

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/nhuda

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZXKHDpKxh8T8-RujefenUw

The following is just a list of my archived blogs that were made for school assignments:

Thank you for your time and support. &:)

And Allah is Al-Qahhar, the Subduer. – MM

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