City Lights by Nurul Huda

Turn on, turn off

Turn off my heart tonight

Looking for another way out

Turn on, turn off

Turn off the light tonight

Looking for somebody to save me from myself

From myself

Save me from myself

From myself

Save me from myself

Burn bright just like the city tonight

Switch on, switch off

Switch off my mind tonight

Searching for a conversation

Switch on, switch off

Switch off the light tonight

Searching for somebody to save me from you

From you

Save me from you

From you

Save me from you

Burn up, burn bright, just like the city

I showed my scars to the world

But all I get are salted wounds

I shoved myself into the corner of the room

I would kill the city lights

If I weren’t so drunk tonight

And I would kill the city lights

If I wasn’t so dark inside


In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

My bandmate, Shike, ‘visited’ me at work yesterday. Lol. It was great fun. I have always enjoyed having friends come see me. It makes a typical long day of work shorter and they make me forget all about the workplace for a moment.

Tried out some fancy Arabica coffee for the first time thanks to Shike and I must say, it is a far cry from my usual mocha coffees. I didn’t know what to expect and to be honest, I didn’t know exactly what it should taste like. Lol. I think Reena will appreciate the atas coffee more. I should jio her there for our 30 min break or something one day…whilst there isn’t a queue!

The main takeaway from the conversations yesterday is that the grass ain’t always greener on the other side.

Regardless of the depths of your pockets and your knowledge, if the world is going to fuck you up, it will do so anyway. What differentiates a person is their character: the ability to bounce back and get back on their feet after being beaten down.

I think I have been stomping on myself for so long that I have forgotten that I am capable of more than what I am doing now.

It’s good to be humble but it’s not good to keep on debasing yourself.

I don’t know what I am for now and I don’t exactly know what I want to be but I know I want to be the better version of me.

So when someone reminded me unexpectedly of the person I used to be, I’d better listen.

And Allah is Al-Haqq, The Truth. – MM

Getting Old

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

I have been slacking for the past two days and thought I’d catch up on my music theory. You know, face it fresh early in the morning but mehs, now I feel like vomitting. I feel rather stuck on intervals. Too much math and memory work for this old noodle of mine!

But I’ve got to nail this down if I want to progress in my theoretical studies.

I think I need a more visual presentation on intervals. Reading up on it takes me forever to understand. Okay, maybe not forever but at least five fricking days.

I hope everyone is having an easier time compared to me.

And Allah is Ash-Shahid, The Witness. – MM

Wait A Second by Nurul Huda

Someone knocking on my door.

I ignored it.

Someone asking me, “What’s wrong?”

I ignored him.

Someone thinking I’ve done wrong.

I ignored that.

Someone begging me for more.

I ignored this.

Shutting out was the best thing to do

When there is no course of action

In dealing with you.

Shutting down was the best decision

When there is no point to mention

A reason with you.

Wait a second…

Wait a second… I…

Wait a second…

The Conductor Who Looks Extremely Bored While Conducting

In the name of Allah, The MOst Gracious, The Most Merciful.

I was reading about western music theory and Richard Strauss was listed as a modern composer.

Since I didn’t know much about Strauss, I looked him up on YouTube and voila!

How can one look extremely bored while conducting, even his own compositions?! Hahaha!

Well, even passion turns into work when it is something you have to work on day in day out.

I hope I don’t turn out jaded like that.

Or maybe he just thought it would piss his investors off. We all have a boss or two that we’d like to give a knackering to.

And Allah is, Al-Baith, The Resurrector. May he resurrect our passions and not our boredom! – MM

She Couldn’t Make It Stick

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

I struggled with my self-discipline. It’s a lot harder when you don’t share your intention with your partner, I realise. I need to get myself sorted out properly.

Although I didn’t get any bass time yesterday, I did manage to read a bit of an introduction to Western Music Theory and sampled music from the Baroque era. I’m still trying to figure out how to pronounce it. Shall have a listen on Google after this.

Today, I managed to get my husband set up his dusty old e-drum. Got a good go at it and learned a new simple rhythm via YouTube. I think I’m going to save up for lessons. And also, yeah, please remind me to check the expiry of my SkillsFuture credit.

So yeah, I’m not too off-track. The more I keep at it, the easier it gets to stick to my plan.

But oh, his hi-hat control ain’t working. Been trying to figure out if there is a proper shop that can sort it out for the longest time. Everywhere you go, you see e-drum sets on sale but you don’t actually see them sold in parts. :/

So therein lies my sadness.

I should go sleep now. Drumming is hard and I think I’ve positioned my foot wrongly on the bass drum that it hurts a bit. Or I’m just not used to the prolonged angling!

Have a good rest and be less sad than I am right now. 😦

And Allah is Al-Majid, The Majestic One. – MM

Because I’m Tired Of Drifting Round And Round

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.


I’m left with about 10 minutes of my break time but I thought I’d just check in here quickly.

Summary of my life so far: new band!

I realised after meeting my new bandmates that I actually want to do music for life.

I have been jamming here and there with another band but I’ve never really quite committed myself to being a musician. It has always been a bonus for me to be able to do music or whenever the opportunity arises.

I think I got suckered into committing myself fully to a job I’ve never had any intention to be invested in. The word “full-time” definitely tricked me into thinking that I should always prioritise it, when in fact, it should’ve always been a day job for me.

So starting from today onwards, I will dedicate at least two hours everyday for music. One hour for theory or instrument practice and the other for band practice. Ideally it should be three to four hours but given the nature of my job and the distance of my home from my workplace, it may not always be feasible for me to have that chunk of time on my work days. But I am pretty sure I can manage the two hours.

I intend to work in the following way:

  • Monday: Music Theory
  • Tuesday: Vocal Practice
  • Wednesday: Keyboard Practice
  • Thursday: Acoustic Guitar Practice
  • Friday: Electric Guitar Practice
  • Saturday: Bass Guitar Practice
  • Sunday: Drum Practice

So on my work days, I will spend about an hour to an hour and a half on the above and another hour to an hour and a half practising songs for jamming sessions.

On my off days, I will spend more time, at least two hours on each. That makes sense, right?

I don’t know if I will ever be a professional or make money out of this passion but I am sure I will enjoy living the rest of my life immersing myself in music.

Have fun, everyone!

And Allah is Al-Wadud, The Loving One. – MM

Meeting March


We’re heading into March.

Two months have gone by just like that.

I’m battling with laziness.

This might turn out to be a haiku but it definitely isn’t.

At least it’s poetic. Maybe.

Laziness is an addiction.

But there isn’t a rehab for one.


And Allah is Al-Hakiim, The All-Wise. – MM


In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

I was inspired by a book I read called How To Make It: 25 Makers Share The Secrets To Building A Creative Business by Erin Austen Abbott.

In the book, it introduces 25 creatives who run their own businesses and shares the ways they do so. What I really like about the book are these segments: A Day In The Life — detailing a typical day of the creative and Make Me A Mixtape: Inspiring Songs From The Studio — a list of 10 songs that the creatives often listen to in their studio.

I will post the MM version of A Day In The Life whenever I feel like getting to it but for today, let’s whip up a mixtape!

  1. Slaptop, “Sunrise”

2. Arctic Monkeys, “Do I Wanna Know?”

3. Kwabs, “Walk”

4. Lacuna Coil, “Nothing Stands In Our Way”

5. Alter Bridge, “Metalingus”

6. Linkin Park, “Roads Untraveled”

7. Slipknot, “Before I Forget”

8. Oomph!, “Auf Kurs” / “On Course”

9. Tokio Hotel, “Durch Den Monsun” / “Monsoon”

10. A Perfect Circle, “Passive”

Now that I’m looking at the result of my finalised mixtape… damn, I’m still emo!

And Allah is Al-Waasi’, The All-Encompassing. – MM