5-ting My Way to Achieve 5AM Wake-Up Time Again! — I Ramble: 24 October 2019

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

Not gonna lie, man. I think back then it was so much simpler to wake up at 5am because I slept alone so there wasn’t a direct temptation for me to get back to bed whereas now that I’m married, I’m looking at someone knocked out cold on the bed and I just wanted to join him in that peaceful slumber.


Yep, so now I have to learn to get myself up regardless of whether Beedin, my husband, is asleep or not. Gotta haul ass, gotta build an empire, son. It’s not gonna build by itself. I think I’m gonna be a bitch and just turn the lights on at 5am. Like man, if I’m gonna be up this early, damn straight you gonna be too. HAHAHA! But it doesn’t work most of the time. He still sleeps like baby through all the lights and sounds. Sheesh!

But I must not allow myself to be tempted into crawling into bed with him!

1. So yeah, first thing to do when I wake up is to hit that light switch just to tell my body, mate, it is daytime, and it is time to start building your motherfucking empire.

Okay, I’m a little vulgar these days because I’m too influenced by the Western culture, specifically what got me in the mood is hip-hop. Been watching Rhythm + Flow on Netflix, that’s why.

2. Say the waking up prayer and chug down a glass of water and a tablet of fish oil.

Gotta fend off those fucking devils trying to get you back to sleep, clothing you with pigskin. And a glass of water really helps with my digestion, yo.

3. Make my bed, which is basically folding my blanket if anything, really.

If I can’t tackle a small task, how do I even fucking build an empire, you know what I’m saying?

4. Wash up before facing my Maker.

I’m pretty sure my Maker would appreciate me putting some effort in presenting myself before Him, and He would definitely appreciate me more for finding Him first above all other things. If it is not time for the mandatory morning prayer yet, I can always perform the non-obligatory prayer for bonus points. Never know when you might need the extra cookie to get through the day.

5. Make my own breakfast. Fucking cook, if you have to, woman!

Man, I have been avoiding the kitchen my whole life simply because I don’t enjoy being in there! But you know, my funds have drained dry thanks to me not being able to cook and yo, it really costs half a kidney just to eat out the whole month for two people. Okay, maybe a quarter of a kidney.

So hopefully the 5-step framework will help me through in managing my mornings. Like just do that everyday and see how things go. I think those are the essential things. For now, I’m not putting in any exercise in the morning, mostly because I don’t think I’ll have time for that. I think once I’ve found momentum and picked up steam, then it’ll be more practical to think about exercising. But for now, noooooooope.

Because right now I’m mostly in need of giving myself reasons to be up than to think, “Oh, wow, I can actually sleep for another whole hour and rush through my morning because sleep is awesome!”

That’s really my problem. Like I rather sleep than make breakfast. But that’s got to change if I want to build an empire. Success cannot come from an empty wallet and malnutrition. And success doesn’t give you an empty wallet nor malnutrition. Hey!

I think I’m getting tired and although I’m really not looking forward to getting back to work, I should get into bed now at least and just look forward to the start of my empire…by waking up at 5am.

That will be all. We’ll start small and grow big!

And Allah is Al-‘Ali, the Sublimely Exalted. – MM

I Can’t Even Do 5AM, Son! — I Ramble: 15 October 2019

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Needless to say, I failed in waking up at 5am everyday! In fact, I couldn’t even manage one day of 5am! I can totally relate to the guys who tried out the CEO’s morning and evening routines:

But at least they succeeded eventually! Unlike me!


But I shall try again!

Screenshot taken from video above.

And Allah is Ash-Shakur, the Most Appreciative. – MM

The Tale of Morning Routines: What Went Wrong and What Went Right — I Ramble: 11 October 2019

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Ola! So I find myself yet again trying to improve my day-to-day living, and productive mornings, as emphasised by everyone and anyone who’s anyone, are still eluding me. Problems I have with mornings are waking up at the desired time and having a good energy level. Good enough to not only last me for the entire day but also good enough to even begin my day with.

I tried to be up and about at 5am but man, that didn’t happen. I kept going back to sleep despite my multiple alarms at 5.30am, 6am, and when it was my final alarm at 6.15am, that’s when I finally decided that I had to get up or I will end up late.

So where is the problem?

The root of it, of course. I didn’t have enough sleep to begin with! This is my difficulty when I end up working late: I have lesser time before my bedtime for my evening routines. I ended at 8pm yesterday and reached home at 9pm, which leaves me with only one hour before bedtime. One frigging hour. And I chose not to order takeout for dinner so I had to make dinner and then eat and then let my stomach settle, on top of washing up and all that jazz, I really had to push back my bedtime. As a result, vicious cycle is vicious, so of course I can’t get up early.

I feel like we’ve had this conversation many times so I’m not going too deep into it. I think what a lot of productivity gurus have left out is productivity for people who work shifts. I mean, seriously, all that productivity jazz is really for those who work 9-5 kinda jobs. So there, I have exposed a literature gap for anyone to exploit and turn rich from becoming a shift-worker productivity guru. Who wants to take it up? Please credit me. Lol.

Anyway, what went wrong aside, what went right took me by absolute surprise. I followed the tip of drinking a cup of plain water first in the morning, and I decided what they hey, I might as well chug down a supplement.

And lo! The wonders! Had the most satisfying shit of the week! Month maybe! Hahaha!

And hey, I even managed to have breakfast and I even took the early bus to work.

So yeah, the fact that I managed to do all that within 40 minutes (because I actually got out of bed at 6.20am) perhaps show that I am the time-pressure person. I am less productive and efficient when I’m given more time because my mind will always think that I have plenty of time whereas having less time to do more, makes me go at a faster rate. But if one were to simplify that concept, it is quite atypical of procrastinators. Always rushing and pressured. Ironic sometimes.

So how now brown cow?

Well, I will persevere and I aim to settle back into my 5am routine (once upon a time I was successful, okay, I even cooked and read Quran daily). Let’s give a deadline, eh, since I’m so good at working under pressure.

As much as I hate it, starting from tomorrow onwards, I will wake up at 5am everyday for seven days.

I said it here and you read it.

And Allah is Al-Ghafur, The Forgiver. – MM

Sleepy — I Ramble: 29 September 2019

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

So yesterday didn’t turn out as I had planned but a terrible day was easily substituted for a great night.

Good food and good company. Easily the basis of all things that bode a good night.

I’m too sleepy to regurgitate the events of yesterday but basically my younger brothed jio-ed me to dinner at Arnold’s near my home and by some whimsical luck, he managed to drag my poor husband out of the house haha. It was me, my brother, my youngest sister, my mom, and my husband and I for that night.

I can barely hold it together in the train now. Maybe I’ll snooze a little.

And Allah is Al-‘Azim, the Magnificent.

Today’s Focus: Clock Out At 5.30pm — I Ramble: 28 September

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Title says all. I have realised that I am able to complete my tasks and others’ tasks quite timely so I don’t see the need to be guilt-tripped into staying late when I have absolutely no guilt to begin with to be honest.

It is just a vicious cycle. Work will never end. And goddammit, I’m just a support staff.

So I intend to break that cycle by being competent and timely.

Prioritise well and know what tasks can be brought forward to a fresh new day with fresh new eyes and energy.

Plus, I’m working four and five-long days this month. I need to pace myself.

So yeah today’s focus is to clock out at 5.30pm.

Get the shit done and get out of there.

And Allah is Al-Halim, the Forbearing. – MM

Wow. Nice date. 190919. — I Ramble: 19 September 2019

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Yo! It’s been sometime when I actually promised myself that I would blog here more frequently. But promises get broken sometimes. Ah, the nature of promises. Anywho, my life is now gearing towards hard work for the following weeks, even a month or so actually. I will find myself following a four to five-day working schedule, blessed with some double off days. Both of my teammates will be on holiday soon so yeah I will be the sorry-ass motherfucker grinding hard at work. I’m already gearing myself up for it. Ain’t nothing to it if I just keep myself away from feeling tired even before approaching those long work days. I just need to keep thinking about getting to the end of the day each day and time does fly fast when you’re engrossed in your work. So yeah, just keep myself busy with tasks.

Another survival tip for myself is to not overtime during those long working days. I mean, fuck, if my sorry ass is gonna work that long, that means I could pace myself throughout those days so I won’t have to worry about getting things done quickly before my next off. Brilliante.

Moving on from the topic of work, I’ve been trying to get back to my good old routine of waking up at 5am but damn, even my husband knows that some tricks just don’t work for me. I find that a lot of the YouTubers who vlogged about their daily routines, aren’t really doing so realistically. They presented the most ideal situation where you don’t have work or school to get to that morning so of course naturally they could exercise and cook breakfast as part of their daily morning routine, at least in their presentations.

How about us people who have to get to work and school? I do see some YouTubers vlogging about their first day of school or getting ready for school, which is nice but not essentially your go-to guide in establishing morning routines.

Shall I vlog about morning routines then as a working adult? The problem is I don’t have routines. I just stumble my way around in the morning and just do as I please. Sometimes I don’t feel like bathing yet so I would have breakfast instead first. Sometimes I just want to get my morning prayer out of the way first. What’s nice about what I’ve been doing is that it gives me variety. Sometimes routines can make you go “meh” and “bleh” and it just takes you longer to get a perfectly five-minute task done in good time.

But I am starting to realise that, hey man, I’m a married woman. I need to start doing stuff that is to the benefit of my family, and presently my husband is my family. So I really should be cooking breakfast and all that jazz but I’m not. Although it is not wrong by law, I feel it is wrong by me. Like, nope, this is not how I want it to be, I have to better than this.

Unfortunately for me, I’m placed in a unique position that really puts me in an existential crisis of some sort. While I would really not want to invest myself in work, kinda have no choice but to do so as I’m the sole breadwinner for now. So I’m pulled. Between home and work. And I hate that.

But that’s the reality of life, especially in Singapore.

So, what do I do? Run myself ragged for who? Or is it whom? My English sucks now.

And Allah is Al-Khabir, the All-Aware. – MM

Postception — I Ramble: 10 September 2019

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

I was supposed to upload a positive post yesterday on 1 September, which began as the following:

1 September 2019

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Welcome September and Muharram, marking the beginnings of a new Fiscal Year and season at my workplace as well as the new Islamic year!

Are you guys excited and motivated? Well, to be honest, I wasn’t when I was trying to get out of bed this morning after a week of vacation!

So due to my lack of motivation, I’m still crawling to work. Hahahaha!

But I actually feel better and chirpier now. Hmm.

I guess that it does help to wake up early yesterday just to get my gears in motion again.

2 September 2019 (continued)

I had to alight the train by then and once I clocked in, my day just went downhill from there so I didn’t get to do anything about the post. It started with having to go up and down the three levels of my workplace by stairs and stationary escalators, suddenly having to deal with so many ad-hoc tasks (and I didn’t get to complete them yesterday by the way), me forgetting to take my lunch bag home with me and I only realised it just as I was about to board the NEL train home from Dhoby Ghaut (and my workplace is at Somerset) so I turned back to get it, and then missing my bus home and the subsequent bus took longer to arrive so I hopped onto an incoming bus that didn’t take me directly to my house so I had to walk further from the bus stop to home, and finally, I couldn’t take the shortest route home as there maintenance works being done at the route so…..


Well actually when I reached home, I don’t exactly know what happened but my husband suddenly got riled up by something that is totally unrelated to him. Like whaaaaat…. I was sharing about my conversation with my mum and then suddenly he flipped. But it wasn’t long before he got hungry and looked for me for food. -_-”

Life of a wife, guys… Life of a wife…

And not to mention I didn’t have a good sleep at night as I think I was being disturbed by probably an evil being that might have followed me home from the route that I rarely took to go home (because you know what happened from the story above). Really not a good idea to walk deserted routes that I rarely take at night. If I had to do so, I better pray for protection.

Ma, now that I think about it, maybe that evil being might have disturbed him first. I think people’s understanding of evil beings might be lacking a bit. People tend to think they are capable of causing nightmares, making eerie sounds, and making apparitions but I think they are also capable of creating divisions in your household. Like suddenly put of nowhere, you suddenly feel a deep hatred for a member of the household and you just wanna isolate them or flare up at them. Very much akin to the mechanics of black magic. So hopefully that is not the case.


But! Although a good day can turn into a lousy day and that lousiness may persist throughout even until the next day, it is important to keep focused on getting through the day firstly and then finding the pockets of space and time to relieve oneself of the clinging negative baggage. Sometimes sadly, it is hard to squeeze in that breather but ensure that you can find it before the end of the week or else you are pretty much stuck in that infinite loop of negativity. Break out.

Like today, is such a tiring and stressful and agonising day at work. I’m trying to help as much as I can with the maintenance at the workplace but ehmehgehd the entire place is just breaking down.

10 September 2019 (continued)

So I finally got around to finishing up this post within a post within a post, hence the title ‘Postception’. You have to have had watched Inception to get the reference. But I digressed. But yeah, my workplace didn’t stop breaking down on 2 September. In fact it continued to downspiral, as far as having electrical surges and trips, affecting some monitor displays on my shop floor, one cashier POS, busting one microwave, and a fridge. The microwave was completely toasted. The electrician let me see the spark that happened at the side panel and I was pretty sure that it was going to explode.

Okay, I got very extra with the signage but whateverrrr. A complete song of fire and thunder if you ask me. Game of Thrones reference there if you didn’t get it. Also, I worked 11 hours on that frigging day of electrical trips, no thanks to someone’s meddling. Annoyed.

And while I was off duty yesterday, I saw photos of multiple busted lights on the shop floor in group’s work chats. Even my Deputy Manager texted me to report dripping oil from door hinges…to which I had to awkwardly reply that I wasn’t working so I could only report today.


So… Yep. What a month, huh? I hope to slow it down a little today.

And Allah is Al-Latif, the Subtle One. – MM