In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Yesterday evening marked the beginning of a new Islamic year. A went to the mosque to join the mass Maghrib prayer. I just prayed at home. After saying the new year prayer, I was knocked out cold on my prayer mat. On the other hand, A was waiting for the mass Isyak prayer. He said a cat appeared and wanted his attention. He said it looked like Simba hahaha! He picked it up and placed it in his lap. It fell asleep, exposing its belly, which A said meant that the cat feels safe and hence allowed itself to sleep in a vulnerable position. It continued to sleep although he got up to leave for Isyak mass prayer. He thought to himself that he would bring the cat home if it was still where he left it at. Alas, it was no longer around when the mass prayer ended. He went home and texted me, which awoken me from my sleep. He then said that perhaps I was that cute cat at the mosque hahaha since I was so sleepy.

Well, Allah knows best. 😉 — MM