I Ramble: 29 January 2018

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

What the fuck. I finally caught up on Arsenal news, lol, only to discover that Alexis Sanchez has transferred to Manchester United. I truly regret not buying Ozil’s shirt from the Emirates now. Sheesh.

If you think about his playing style, he’s too predictable. He wants everyone to put in the same shift as him, working hard. What he fails to probably understand that Arsenal places emphasis on intelligent football. Well basically, instead of simply working hard, Arsenal is more inclined on working smart. Why drain your energy when you can save it for the final kick of a string of quick and intelligent passes? So when you put Ozil and Alexis in a team, and we all know how Ozil’s style is, I think Alexis will naturally get frustrated by how ‘lackadaisical’ Ozil seems to be on the field. I think between Giroud and Ozil and Alexis and Ozil, the better combo is actually Giroud and Ozil. There is a connection and understanding of each other’s movement. In the Chile national team, basically their strategy is to feed Alexis the ball and he will naturally score. It’s pretty direct whereas in the Arsenal team, Alexis finds himself having to be heavily involved in getting the ball and defending it instead of simply scoring goals. Alexis isn’t the best defender either. With Giroud, he actually defends a whole lot better than Alexis. Giroud has a great physical presence. I think Giroud absorbed much more from the Arsenal way than Alexis has. He understands how to make up for his shortcomings and trained himself to be versatile in both attack and defence. For Alexis, I think he’s too reliant on what he knows as much as how he is reliant on his right leg. So I can see why Wenger wouldn’t be too sore over losing Alexis. Yes, it is a huge loss to the Arsenal team but Wenger has always placed emphasis on the beauty of the game via teamwork. Alexis would suit Man U just fine since he plays a more direct brand of football.

If I am invested enough, I’ll do a stats/analysis piece on my hunch. It’s just my opinion but heyyyy, I can always be wrong.

Here’s a scorpion kick of the beautiful man, Olivier Giroud, which won him the FIFA Puskas Best Goal of the Year award. And uncannily enough, his scorpion kick was compared to Mkhitaryan’s scorpion kick by the commentators. Hehehehe. Welcome to Arsenal, Henrikh Mkhitaryan! Okay, I include your scorpion kick too hehehe!

And Allah is As-Saboor, The Extensively Enduring One. – MM

I Ramble: 18 January 2018

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

180118. Nice date!

Anyway, le fiance fell ill huhuhu. My poor baybee finally had to take MC from work two nights ago and after working last night, he relapsed and now he got hit by the flu as well.

Hais. I wish I was his wife already.

But it’s okay. Just less than four months to go. We’ll be together soon.

Oh! Yeah, as expected, I didn’t strike 4D. Hahahaha!

BUT! A close number came up as a starter prize instead on that day, 0095. I wanted 0000. How close, eh?

But I guess we were never meant for haram money.

Today is special to me in a different way. Today I realise just how much a man adores me. It’s something I’ve never felt like I was entitled to and it feels damn nice.

I still stand my ground; that le fiance coming into my life is the best thing that ever happened to me.

And it’s very very hard to put it into words.

And Allah is Al-Ahad, the One. – MM

I Ramble: 10 January 2017

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.


I’m going to start off my first 2018 blog post by telling you what exactly is keeping me up at night at 12:25am now when I’m working later in the morning at 8am and have to be up by 5am.

Financial pressure. 080118 is truly a cursed date. Putragis.

But instead of dwelling on faults and what could have been done, we’ve decided to move towards what we could do next.

And for the first time in my independent life, I had to resort to taking up a personal loan. I can only hope my bank approves it quickly. Even so, it truly is not enough.

I’ll be calling up the complaining bank tomorrow at work during my break to enquire about their current stance and if a rearrangement is possible.

I know, that with the personal loan, we can definitely make the full payment by end of this month. I’ll just have to live with packed food everyday or just bread for my breaks in February.

You know, a lot of people usually go through this after marriage. For us, we have to weather this storm before marriage.

And so unfortunately, we may very well have to forego the honeymoon.

Yes, it’s totally unfair to me.

But rewards don’t just come on this earth.

I don’t mind saving my rewards for the afterlife.

Life is a beast and I am determined to be a Beastmaster. (Yes, I have been watching too much The Ultimate Beastmaster on Netflix.)

On a separate note, I have finished setting up my handmade bullet journal and I have set my 2018 goals. I will update this blog sometime next week unless I can make time for it. I have a lot of affairs to settle.

May He ease my affairs…and if truly the financial pressure is unfair to me, I will strike 4D later today and use the money to pay off whatever we have to. Yes, the financial onus is not on me and shouldn’t be on me but it has fallen on me. So what can I do except to manage it the best I could? But if I don’t strike 4D, then that means it’s simply an opportunity to cleanse my wealth and sins and make me come out of it with the realisation that I’m only strong by His will.

I pray may my heart remain strong for this. And may I strike 4D so we can put all of the past truly behind us. Amin.

Hit me, knock me out, and let me go back to sleep.

And Allah is Al-Adl, the Utterly Just. – MM