This was supposed to be posted on Sunday, I believe, but I had been busy with trying to book a bridal henna artist for my sister, Hazwanni and working a bit on the side for SG.

I think I’ll change my goal from watching Islamic lecture to watching videos about Islam. Far more interesting to be honest. And random knowledge is always exciting and easier to remember. Hahaha!

I’ve been pretty morbid lately. I think I’ve kinda given up on life but my sins are blocking my way to the Kingdom of Heaven. (I just mean heaven but I just gotta make it sound glorious like that). What little time I have left on this earth, I might as well try to do as much good as possible.

I found this video to be interesting:

Takeaways from it:

1) It’s good to have our children involved in preparing our dead bodies as it’s the last physical contact they can make with us.

(Not in video: Nothing else can help us when we are dead so only the prayers of our children can help us.)

2) The video mentioned three good signs and three bad signs when a person passes on. But only one of each was explained. One of the good signs when someone passes on is that their eyes are open, watching their life in reel form. One of the bad signs is when they make a gluttoral noise similar to a camel or a cow being slaughtered.

3) However, regardless of the signs a dying person shows, we are not allowed to judge him. We should instead pray for the best for him.

4) After we are buried in the grave, two angels will approach us and interrogate us. The questions include:

i) Who is your god?

ii) Who is your prophet?

iii) What is your religion?

iv) Who is your imam/leader?

v) Who are your brothers and sisters?

(Not in video: The names of the two angels are Munkar and Nakir. Your ability to answer the questions relies on your beliefs and practices while you were still alive. When asked about your deeds, it will be your body parts that answer. You have no capability to lie for your body answers truthfully for you.)

5) You cannot bring your worldly possessions with you. Only your deeds.

6) Basically, when a Muslim dies, his body will be showered, shrouded, prayed for, and then buried.

7) There are classes one can attend to learn about the funeral rites in Islam. I think as the eldest and as the wife, I need to learn so that when the time comes, I’ll know what to do.

8) “Think of death. When you think of death, you become a good man.”

And Allah knows best. – MM