In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

My plan to succeed in this challenge varies a little for both businesses.

For SMC, the challenge is in coming up with attractive designs that would pique people’s interest in making a purchase.

I plan to sharpen my Photoshop/design skills in order to create attractive t-shirt designs. I don’t think I can wait for my husband to enter school together. I’m better off diving into a Photoshop or graphic design course using MySkillsFuture credit to enhance my design skills.

For SG, the challenge is in securing a long-term supply relationship with clients.

I plan to ask local food businesses regarding their interest in having us supply them microgreens. I will start with one today, ask two more tomorrow, and then ask three the day after and so on. My concern is if I’ll run out of places to enquire. If I do, that will only mean Singapore is not ready for mass consumption of microgreens.

I have nothing to lose. If I’m not successful, I will not count it as a waste of my time and energy. In fact, I will be proud to have tried.

All the best to me.

And Allah is Al-Mu’min, The Infuser of Faith. – MM