I Write: Mortal – Chapter 6

“Venera? Care to explain?” Anar prompted for the second time. “Okay, I will but let’s at least secure the school grounds first. Our witch kins are securing the forest as we speak now. The Qakkirs must not cross over into the land of kiths,” Venera replied. Anar showed a sign of disapproval on his faceContinue reading “I Write: Mortal – Chapter 6”

I Write: Mortal — Chapter 5

Just before Zola could approach the girl sobbing on her right to comfort her, two student councillors escorted the girl out of the hall. They moved so quickly that Zola could not find the chance to speak to them. Zola took another look at her surroundings. The hall was fast being emptied out, which allowedContinue reading “I Write: Mortal — Chapter 5”

I Write: Stuck At Work (Original Lyrical Idea)

Written in 2016. I’m stuck at work again I’ve been at it since 8am Working hard like a man Wondering how my life turned out like this Mama told me forget romance You better work, baby, earn your keep Cos if you don’t, you’ll be damned When he leaves you, he leaves you with nothingContinue reading “I Write: Stuck At Work (Original Lyrical Idea)”

I Write: My Ache (Original Lyrical Idea)

My feet ache But not as bad as my heart Plunged into the abyss Waiting to hit the bottom end My head spins But not as dizzying as your games Rotating on wheels Creaking sounds of carousel Round, round, round we go When we stop, nobody knows And so it turns The wheel of lifeContinue reading “I Write: My Ache (Original Lyrical Idea)”

I Write: I Chant Your Name (Original Lyrical Idea)

I chant your name A wish in the back of my head Hoping to see you right in front of me I cry out Your name A desire that is deep in my heart Hoping to know if You will hear me Blasphemy This love is just an illusion Yet it’s so real to meContinue reading “I Write: I Chant Your Name (Original Lyrical Idea)”

I Write: Mortal — Chapter 4

Zola awakened from her slumber, blinking as her eyes adjusted to the brightness of her room light and her ears pricked at the ruckus going on outside her room. Damn, I forgot to switch off the light. And wow, people are so happy about the first day of classes? She got up from her bedContinue reading “I Write: Mortal — Chapter 4”

I Write: Mortal — Chapter 3

Lyuben gazed at Nerea’s peaceful visage as she slept soundly. He could sit up all night watching over her, which he had done on many occasions before. During the first few times of doing so, his heart ached over their forced separation. Gradually, he learnt to find peace instead. At least she is safe. ThatContinue reading “I Write: Mortal — Chapter 3”