I Ramble: 28 October 2016

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.


A came to my workplace last Wednesday to help me out with our school play. Introduced him to Nora, Eleena, Lyra, and Qian. So yay! My girls know him in person now! HEHE

Well, they find him alright. Nora’s approval is of course important to me and she has deemed him as a normal guy, which is already a positive sign. To be honest, interactions were minimal because we were all occupied with work.

He just couldn’t get over the kids HAHAHAHA! Well, he loves children so he left our place feeling really really happy. Even as he was nursing his migraine at home, he recounted to me his experience at my workplace.

You know, I have been making this secret hope in my heart that my suitor would come see me at work or pick me up from work. I guess I received an idea on how that would be/feel like. Well, it feels nice. 🙂

Allah knows best. – MM

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