In the name of Allah, the All-Compassionate, the All-Merciful.

Yes, well, same old rhetoric. I actually penned down 17 goals for 2017 in my notebook but now that life happened, I will be focusing on one goal at a time and at the end of the year, I will see for myself just how many things I manage to achieve in 2017.

Goal #1: To wake up at 6.00am regardless of sleeping time. I just need that consistency everyday to allow me to have some time in the morning for my Quran during Fajr.

So far, I haven’t been consistent and even as I struggled to wake up at that time, I only managed to give le boyfriend a wake-up call before rolling over and falling asleep again. So until I can hit 10 days of consistency in achieving that goal, I won’t be working towards other goals yet.

However, I must say today is the eighth day that I read the Quran after Subuh prayers. I supposed this is a sub-goal that comes with the goal above. While I’m at it, I wanna read the English translation when I’m having my menses. I have been aiming to achieve that for years but it all kept going to the ocean. Haha!

So there we go, something to focus on in January.

And Allah is Ar-Rahim, the All-Merciful. – MM