I Ramble: 2 February 2017

In the name of Allah, the All-Compassionate, the All-Merciful.

I’m listening to le boyfriend’s rendition of Trigun that he sent me months ago when we just friends as I’m typing this post in the train on the way to work.

I miss him already.

It is easy to have him like the things I like, which is definitely really nice to have in my relationship with him. To this day, he still asks me during such incidental moments, “Are you sure you are not my twin?”

Hahaha! Well, Bee, I am your other half! 😀

Anyway, I am trying to stay committed to my commitments but let me tell you, it is hard. It is so hard that I give up. Really. But then I realise, that’s the essence of a commitment; putting in a lot of hard work and not reaping the rewards immediately. I find this true in any sort of commitment such as relationships, projects, and goals to achieve.

So, let’s start over again — no, actually — let’s reassess our priorities. When to do it, when to do what, and what can be done later.

Another problem I am facing with regards to juggling my commitments is my energy level. It is not on par with the activities I have and need and want to do. Ergo, it all leads back to how I care for my body, which evidently, isn’t very well.

Well, I’m admitting this: I do not know how to prioritise. I have always been a free spirit, a bum or simply someone who takes things as they come.

Hais. Time with no table.

Schedule my life.

Nonetheless, le boyfriend has discussed the above matter with me and I’ve decided to keep on working on addressing those issues. It will take time for me to change and he will definitely continue to support me in my efforts.

And Allah is Ar-Rahim, the All-Merciful. – MM


Author: Metropolitan Muslimah

Born 1989. Female. Metropolitan Muslimah. Songstress. Teacher in the Early Childhood Care and Education sector in Singapore. Gooner since the signing of Mesut Özil on 2 September 2013. We won two back-to-back FA Cups since. Made my first trip to the Emirates on 10 May 2015 followed by my first home game against Swansea City on 11 May 2015, which we lost 0-1.

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