In the name of Allah, the All-Compassionate, the All-Merciful.

Heyo! I’m working on my Ramadhan challenge. Oh? You didn’t know? Hehehe. Well, upon completing the mapping out of my lifetime agenda, I thought I might as well keep myself busy by working on a few goals, ten to be exact. Right now, I’m reorganising my closet. It will defintely take days! I have too many clothes!

I have a few friends who have been asking me about getting financial consultant or making investments. Must be the festive season, so everyone seems to be talking about money. Hehehe. Hais, the thing here is that I have absolutely zero capital to engage one nor start an investment. Given my circumstances, I am not only supporting myself, I am supposed to be supporting other people as well. Sure, I’d prolly be rich by now if my liabilities solely belong to me but 90% of my expenditure has been going to shared liabilities with the family and le fiancĂ©.

So it is pretty useless for me to make any form of investment when I’m usually left with 100 dollars for my own expenditure, right? Like how am I supposed to live then if you expect me to save from that expenditure as well? Huhuhu.

But you know what, maybe a change of job is exactly what I need. Start from scratch again and replan the budget. I don’t know, I always find that I had more money to spare when I have a smaller income than when I have a big one. :/

Oh, dear Lord, please make it easy for me. Huhu.

But back to my Ramadhan challenge… You can view it on the ‘Challenges’ page. Besides reorganising my closet, one of it is to blog daily. Tada! So far so good. Let’s keep this up!

Have a good day ahead, everyone!

And Allah is As-Salaam, Peace and Blessings. – MM