In the name of Allah, the All-Compassionate, the All-Merciful.

So! I haven’t been following my daily schedule and I haven’t been doing the stuff I was supposed to do. *smacks forehead*

But! I have learnt the importance of not having a self-defeatist attitude. So just carry on with the plan, even if you didn’t carry it out as planned.

Basically today is supposed to be reading day but in my haste to pack for chalet at the Changi Civil Service Club, I forgot to bring a book with me. Hence, I’m blogging on the train now on the way to work. I’m working from 12.30pm to 11pm today. Will have to try to catch the last bus to Changi Village Terrace from Tampines Interchange, which leaves at 0015 hours. If not, I will have to cab from Pasir Ris, which will be costly.

Yesterday was Rubber Bandits day but I ended up doing more SMC stuff. So yeah, I didn’t get to follow my schedule but at least I got a few things done here and there such as the proposal to our supplier and even standardised the product codes with the guys.

Anyway, since I couldn’t read a book, I will get on with reading up on UNIQLO’s HEATTECH products. I need to be tested on it anyway.

That’s all from me. Just spending my last day as a 27-year-old, which has been quite a ride. 27 is the age when I finally got a boyfriend, found my forever, and basically went through a few huge transitions, including being a boss of a clothing company. Alhamdulillah for all that is good and astaghfirullah for all that is bad.

I’m going to nap in the train now. Getting old! Hahaha! Have a good day, everyone!

And Allah is Ar-Rahman, the All-Compassionate. – MM