In the name of Allah, the All-Compassionate, the All-Merciful.


I finally got done with a burden that has been hovering over me for the past few months. Yay!

However, that meant I’m left with only a $100 to spare. Gyabon.

So now, with my end of September pay, I will start settling my debts.

I decided to start with the nominal amounts first and then work my way up to settle more!

I owe my friend, K, $50.
I owe my friend, N, $100.
I owe IRAS for my income tax $208.13 due 6/10/17 after my request for an extension.
I owe my brother, Hakim, $250 in phone bills as at 3/9/17.
I owe my mum, Umi, $600 as at 3/9/17.
I owe Lagun Sari $3955 as at 2/9/17. Next payment of $1977.50 is due in February 2018. I need to set aside money for this starting from December 2017 latest.
I owe my education benefactor, W, $4300 as at 23/4/17.
I owe HDB $ 107,382.03 as at 30/8/17.

I still need money for wedding solemnisation and photography + videography package. Also SMC stuff.

Not to forget my Starhub bill for the home internet at $49.90 per month.

And Allah is Al-Hafiz, the Preserver, the Protector. – MM