In the name of Allah, the All-Compassionate, the All-Merciful.

Heyoooo there! Hehehe.

Miss me much? Of course you do! *beams*

Okay, now that I’m done with my sweet pleasantries, time to get down with some business.

So basically, I finally cleaned my two shelves in my room. Le fiancé can testify to that, I sent him photos. So that’s one agenda done.

I have also completed my SMC paperwork and reviewed the online activity. Danial pretty much set the meeting agenda already. So that’s four.

A. Clean the two central fixtures

B1. Type out previous SMC’s meeting minutes

B2. Review SMC’s online activity

B3. Set SMC’s meeting agenda

C. Set setlist for Ballads By The Beach by Rubber Bandits

D. Pick up a book from my room to read

So I’m left with C and D to fulfill. I wanted to complete C yesterday but le fiancé was too out of it to discuss with me. And then I was pretty much demotivated to do any form of reading. Toinks.

So here is the agenda for today!

A. Complete and discuss evaluation at work today.

B1. Continue working on Halloween t-shirt ideas for SMC.

B2. Promote SMC to get more likes on FB.

B3. Check out Duke’s Bazaar and make arrangements accordingly.

C. Set setlist for Ballads By The Beach by Rubber Bandits.

D. Pick up a book from my room to read.

I was trying to make a menacing-looking t-shirt but apparently, I ended up making a really cute one that even le fiancé gushed over. Oopsies.

In any case, here we go!

And Allah is Al-Karim, the Bountiful, the Generous. – MM