In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.


Been forever since I updated. Trolololol! I was a maiden previously and now I’m a married woman! How much have things changed over a short amount of time?!

Apparently I now have a new nickname at work, which le husband has caught onto: Hudang. Hehehe. Huda plus udang (prawn).

I have been entertaining the thought of having a mini-Hudang rolling around in my womb but le husband insists on family planning because he doesn’t want us to struggle financially nor hold resentments against each other or worse, at the baby.

And omg, sex? I will need to ask le husband before I post anything about it. Marriage secrets are supposed to be well, sacred. On the other hand, I wished I had known what I only know now.

So anyway, I have been really sick. Le husband has fallen ill too. So the both of us have been staying home and gaming while recovering. Huhu.

Anyway, I’m quite vexed by something work-related, which I will only be able to find out after I receive a letter. I am anxious about what the letter contains because things might change…

That’s all from me for now. Just know that I am well and very loved and almost have no need for this blog because I always run to le husband regarding stuff.

But I suppose I should practise my writing. Hehe.

And Allah is Ar-Rahman, the most Beneficent.