In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Things took a turn for the worst. Le husband is now in the hospital with a shattered ankle. It happened last Tuesday morning. I suppose anyone in my position would have been traumatised. I was woken up by my husband who crawled from the living room to the bedroom because he dislocated and fractured his knee. And me being too considerate of everyone else except for my poor dear suffering husband, was afraid to make the 995 call for fear that it was not an emergency. But after looking t up on SCDF’s website, dislocation and fractures are indeed considered an emergency. For the second time, I had to make a 995 call for le husband. Previously, I had to make the call for him when he became breathless due to a panic attack but at that time, I was still living with my parents in Tampines and he was living by himself in Buangkok. And so to actually see the paramedics arrive and to give them ample space to operate as well as being the one to lock the door and to ensure I have our phones and wallets with me, it was quite an experience that I hope nobody will have to go through. It’s not like it’s super traumatic but it’s not a pleasant experience. I got to ride the ambulance and we were taken to Sengkang General Hospital. Thankfully, that hospital has been opened for a few months. If not, we would definitely be sent to Tan Tock Seng Hospital, where it would have been further and more inconvenient for all of us. So for the first time in my life, I actually went through the actual process of hospital admission as a caregiver.


So yeah. I am completely exhausted and I just feel like giving up my job but hey, this is adulting. I will need the money to take care of him now that he is in a bad shape so I can’t just happily be away from work.

And now that there is no more le husband at home, I have to do the chores already.

It’s really damn tiring to be working full-time while running a household and being a caregiver.

Sometimes I really wonder just how people did it. And some are still doing it. Because for myself right now, it’s not too bad since the hospital is taking care of him. But once he is out, he will be my sole responsibility. And that’s where the fun begins, so to speak.

But hey, just be brave.

Because for the brave, nothing is too difficult.

And Allah is Al-Bari, the Maker. – MM