In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Title says all. I have realised that I am able to complete my tasks and others’ tasks quite timely so I don’t see the need to be guilt-tripped into staying late when I have absolutely no guilt to begin with to be honest.

It is just a vicious cycle. Work will never end. And goddammit, I’m just a support staff.

So I intend to break that cycle by being competent and timely.

Prioritise well and know what tasks can be brought forward to a fresh new day with fresh new eyes and energy.

Plus, I’m working four and five-long days this month. I need to pace myself.

So yeah today’s focus is to clock out at 5.30pm.

Get the shit done and get out of there.

And Allah is Al-Halim, the Forbearing. – MM