In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

Needless to say that the cleanliness state of my house remains terrible. Because in the end, I was too hooked onto ‘This Is The Police’. I finished one ending of the game. Husband is asking me to continue with the instalment but meh, looking at the state of my house and actually living in that state, I will need to set that aside for a while.

The theme for 2020? Home Projects!

There is going to be an awful lot of decluttering going on, which will lead to a lot of donation and disposal. Some sort of decorating after all that deep-cleaning as well. Basically the idea is to make sure that my home is guest-ready 24/7 and complete the setting up of what I will call the Audio Room. It is where either one of us or even both of us can jam and record stuff together. So yeah, kinda like a mini-recording suite. We’re not extremely well-equipped but we have just enough stuff to make recordings. The following is what we have:

  • 2 microphones
  • A three-stack Marshall amplifier
  • A Smarvo amplifier
  • 1 electronic drumset but with one faulty pedal, which I’m hoping to be able to fix one day
  • A Line 6 interface
  • A Behringer midi keyboard
  • A Casio keyboard
  • 2 acoustic guitars
  • A Jackson bass guitar
  • 2 custom electric guitars; one is fully assembled by my husband with some help from his friends and one is still in need of assembly
  • An Ibanez red viking electric guitar
  • A microphone stand

So yeah, pretty rad, huh? It just makes more sense now to get that Audio Room done, doesn’t it?

I will have to look into soundproofing the room as well to achieve better functionality. If we’re going to make some noise, best not to upset the neighbours!

And Allah is Al-Hasib, The Accounter. – MM