So Mesut Özil got married three days ago. Huhu. My husband was like, “You think you’re the only one who can get married, is it? Mesut Özil cannot?” Wakakakaka. I said, “Ja!” XD

But nope, the above photo is not his wedding photo but I chose that photo because it shows how my husband treats me everyday; showering me (or actually my face) with loads of kisses.

Just like that.

I love kisses.

But anyway, when I look at his wedding photo, I can’t help but feel happy for him. They look right for each other. I think they are right for each other.

Then it makes me all nostalgic.

You know, of times when you thought that the first persons you fancied will be your forever (and Mesut had his fair share of first loves — she was older than him, a popular German singer).

Then of the times when you thought it would be impossible to move on from your first heartaches and breakups (and Mesut had a bit of an on-off relationship with that singer).

And finally of the time you found the right person. And everything just clicks and falls into place naturally. Mesut was with non-Muslim partners but his now wife is actually a Muslim. And I believe it helps too that she is Turkish as well. Things do get less complicated when there are no religious and cultural differences between you and your partner.

So yeah, just hang in there guys, and have faith. I truly believed I would meet my husband, although at one point I believed I would meet him in Heaven instead because doing so on Earth just felt impossible.

I used to be shunned for always wanting to meet and be with my life partner. Even accused of not knowing how to love myself. Now I’m glad I didn’t give up on that dream of mine.

And shortly after typing the above…

Husband: (While massaging my back and shoulders) Who are you messaging?

Me: Nobody.

Husband: Oh. You’re reading?

Me: Nope. I’m blogging.

Husband: Oh.

Me: About Mesut Özil.

Husband: Pfft. Ask Mesut Özil to massage you then!

Me: XD


I Ramble: 28 April 2019

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Ola, granola! Hahaha! That’s me being silly in the morning. Anyway, hellooooo. Long time no see! Yes, as you can see I have absolutely failed my 30-day abs challenge again! How to get nice abs like that? Tsk.

I feel like pooping right now but I’m about halfway on the journey to work. Tsk.

Husband has been ill for two weeks. I intend to drag him to the clinic on last working day this Tuesday. I will finally have my off day on Labour Day after 5 consecutive days of working. Woohoo!

I seriously need to poop. Okay, I gotta go. Bye!

And Allah is Al-Muzil, The Abaser. – MM

I Ramble: 6 April 2019

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Today has been a complete reversal of the past few days. I have been utterly unproductive. Not exactly how I intended to spend my off day. Booooo. Off days are always over in a heartbeat it seems. I’m on my way to Union Studios at Orchard Gateway, which makes me feel like I’m just going back to work. Booooo. Hahahaha! A local brand called Allout is launching their new collection instore, housed in Union Studios. My clothing label mate has been thinking about launching our own collection instore under Union Studios too. So I’m basically going for the sake of doing a bit of market research, art research, and okay lah, show some sense of local pride.

Allout’s tagline for this launch is “Not Gonna Stop”. Very hustle-esque on its surface. No wonder my label mate is intrigued by it.

And after that I will be picking up dinner from Cuppage Plaza for my husband and I.

I seriously need to cook already.

And Allah is Ar-Rafi, The Elevating One. – MM

I Ramble: 4 April 2019

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Well, hello, there!

I think I chose a great date to get back to bloggging. 4/4, how cool is that? Anyway, I am on my way to work so this will be a rather short blog post. I was supposed to blog yesterday but as hard as I tried, I just couldn’t do much yesterday. Let’s see. I worked from 8am to close to 8pm, reached home at 9pm, swept and mopped the entrance of my house, scrubbed the toilet bowl and bathed until 10pm. Reheated yesterday’s meal for a super late dinner. Applied for my new cooker and toaster’s warranty. Updated my bullet journal and store some of my unpacked clothes from my Tampines home into my closet. After all that jazz it was 11.30pm already. So how? You tell me how was I supposed to have more time on my hands? Huhu.

But yeah, having a bullet journal really helps me in staying more focused on tasks instead of my fatigue. Sometimes, I think, allowing ourselves to feel tired will only make us feel more tired. So…yeah just keep your mind distracted by the 1001 things you gotta get done. It’s more productive that way and even your breaks in between your tasks become more productive — in terms of being meaningful.

And that’s that for now!

And Allah is Al-Khafid, the Abaser. -MM