In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

I’m teetering on the brink of high and sleep. Unfortunately, I fell very sick and instead of spending my break from work in the way I wanted to, I had to take most of the time off to recover from the influenza.

I could have gotten the virus from anyone. Everyone everywhere is coughing and sneezing so much so that the flu is very much inescapable for anyone.

It is quite frustrating.

So now I’m just praying that my husband doesn’t catch it from me, which is very very difficult considering we share everything in this house. He has an important audition on the 26th and I really want him to go for it. It’s not like the band is signed onto any recording company but it will be great for his musical career to explore more aspects of playing with various other musicians. If you stick to one band playing the same songs over and over again, you won’t find yourself progressing much. So I really want my husband to progress musically while he still can.

And now I feel like I need a nap but I’m going to try praying Zuhur first before I KO.

Take care, everyone. Seriously, chug down that glass of water. I regret not listening to sound advice.

And Allah is Al-Mujiib, The Responsive One. – MM