In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

I struggled with my self-discipline. It’s a lot harder when you don’t share your intention with your partner, I realise. I need to get myself sorted out properly.

Although I didn’t get any bass time yesterday, I did manage to read a bit of an introduction to Western Music Theory and sampled music from the Baroque era. I’m still trying to figure out how to pronounce it. Shall have a listen on Google after this.

Today, I managed to get my husband set up his dusty old e-drum. Got a good go at it and learned a new simple rhythm via YouTube. I think I’m going to save up for lessons. And also, yeah, please remind me to check the expiry of my SkillsFuture credit.

So yeah, I’m not too off-track. The more I keep at it, the easier it gets to stick to my plan.

But oh, his hi-hat control ain’t working. Been trying to figure out if there is a proper shop that can sort it out for the longest time. Everywhere you go, you see e-drum sets on sale but you don’t actually see them sold in parts. :/

So therein lies my sadness.

I should go sleep now. Drumming is hard and I think I’ve positioned my foot wrongly on the bass drum that it hurts a bit. Or I’m just not used to the prolonged angling!

Have a good rest and be less sad than I am right now. 😦

And Allah is Al-Majid, The Majestic One. – MM