In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

I think my brain feels fresh enough to give this post a title in the form of a cool riddle.

Off the top of my head, the answer is life but I feel that other suitable answers are also acceptable. Like water for instance, sometimes in varying states depending on the temperature.

I hope that everybody is coping well with the recent change to Singapore’s educational and workforce situations. I must admit I am one of the lucky few who firstly, get to keep their jobs and secondly, get to keep their salary and finally, get some relief from the government.

Only those whom I trust knows my exact situation and how so much hinges on my day job. So this is a huge relief for me.

Kind souls have been asking, “So whatchu gonna do with all these free time?”

Without a single trace of guilt, I said I would:

  • Play games
  • Bake
  • Write more lyrics, heck, maybe even write a complete song by myself
  • Clean the house until it is guest-ready
  • Workout until I can return to work sexy

In fact, for the last bit, I’m on a little #StayHomeStayFit challenge whereby my colleague and I will see who returns to the workplace slimmer. Hahaha!

Look, I believe in getting bigger clothes as my weight increases but getting more clothes is not a viable option for me spatially at home and more importantly, not economically wise right now. So in order to keep on fitting in my current clothes, I gotta shed some weight. Also, due to my BMI, I actually am mildly obese right now. I don’t look fat, at least not to me lol, but the ratio of my height to my weight suggests differently. :/

So with that in order, some resilience and a whole lot more of rock-and-roll, let’s ride this out together.

I can’t buy you a lamborghini and a ducati but I can afford you some wit with a little bit of giggles here and there but mostly a listening ear if don’t feel like being talked to all the time.

God knows we are all done being talked to. Sometimes, we just need somebody to hear us out and the weight we carry around becomes less heavy for a little while.

Oh, I digressed. I actually wanted to flex that I am wide awake earlier than I usually would be on an off day. And I slept at 2am to boot! That is all to be honest. Hahahaha!

Must be the toll of the daily work grind on me. Sheesh.

Love you all to bits!

Here’s my favourite AC/DC song for such a great morning!

And Allah is Al-Wakil, The Trustee. – MM