In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

I was going through my spam mail when I came across an email saying that the sender knows I used someone’s messenger handle as one of my passwords. The sender then went on to threaten to upload videos of me watching porn of I don’t send him bitcoins.


Anyway, the point was the scammer mentioned a username that I have let go from my mind for some time simply because there was too much hurt behind the entire remembrance of the person.

So when it popped up out of nowhere, of course, I felt something.

“I’ve locked the door… deep inside… different memories.”

So when that door was knocked, of course I was a little startled.

Memories, no matter how good or bad, shaped me to what I am now.

Which reminds me: I bumped into my former crush at workplace before late last year I think. He was with his wife and baby. He was glad to see me.

And I was glad too.

Maybe, one day, that can happen for us, when the good overrides the bad.

And I will be glad too.

And Allah is Al-Qawi, The Possessor of All Strength.