Love is not painful

But the act of sacrificing is

Very much so

It consumes you until you choke

No choice but to take all

The broken pieces of my heart

And bury them like seeds

Deep into the ground

And water them with my tears

With the hope that someday the love will grow

But I will never know

If it takes years for a tree to grow

Then how could I wait for something that may or may not show

Soft is the earth I touch

But softer is my broken heart

Bitter is the taste

Of sadness that lingers

Like the aroma of rain

It never leaves me the same

If love won’t grow then I will

I will have to

Be bigger than I am today

As a person

With a broken soul that’s drifting away

I must get it back!

I must live!

If I want to see the seasons change

And maybe I will get to see

If the forgotten love had finally grown into a tree

Even if it doesn’t

I know that I am free

From the misery I once buried

Deep in me

If love won’t grow then I will