In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

I had a tune idea right before I fell asleep at 2am yesterday. I tried to pin it down in midi format using the piano app and I tossed it to Shike.

I woke up to him yesterday having recorded a guitar riff and he asked me to try playing mine to his.

So I tried it out and that’s when Beedin heard it and joined in as well.

Thus this baby was born:

I feel like I’ve achieved something in life although I played a teeny-weeny role in it and that it was only a 30-second clip. Still, I’m proud of it!

Another thing that I’m proud of is I finally finished creating my friend’s website. Head on over to 4V77V and support it! Buy a t-shirt! Haha!

It feels good to be productive.

It feels better to receive compliments that I don’t expect to get; that I’m passionate, enthusiastic, and resourceful.

It feels great to know that two people in total would like me to be part of their separate business teams.

It’s crazy.

I didn’t have to try to impress or sell my skills. I was just myself. I just wanted to help.

It’s crazier that once upon time, I was spat on like a piece of scum and my worth was never measured up to simply because I am nothing like the preferred lifeless art forms.

So there was never anything wrong with me.

I am… justified?


I hope that I can continue to be this good person that I am.

And be even better in the future.

I think all of this came at the right time, right when I’m trying to identify myself as an individual. I feel like a jack of all trades, master of none. I know now that it is an asset and not a total flaw. I’ve been trying to figure out if I’m more creative or resourceful.

I guess we’ve locked it down that I’m both now.

I took this test:

This is my result:

And after reading up on my strengths and weaknesses, it all makes sense now. Hahaha. I would say that for me, being resourceful comes with me being creative, having to look out for ways to address an issue or solve a problem.

I can definitely use the word to describe myself now — creative.

Achievement unlocked.

And Allah is Al-Muhsi, The Accounter. – MM