In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

“Wanna meet my girlfriend?!” exclaimed my Borderlands 2 character, Axton. To which my husband was caught by surprise and asked, “What?! What did he just say?!”

So I laughed and explained to him that my character regards his turret as his girlfriend.

For some context and for those who enjoys all Axton dialogues, here it is:

“Wanna meet my girlfriend?!” can be heard at around 8:04. He’s quite funny. I really enjoy playing him. He makes a nice battle companion in my opinion.

Speaking of girlfriend, my guitar is now my girlfriend in my resolution to learn to play a song on it. This morning when I tried to play her, she became an absolute bitch, refusing to sing, and only slowly warmed up when my husband touched her.

*throws up hands*

Sometimes these things have a mind of their own and on some days, they just prefer whoever they love best. Kind of like animals and plants, inanimate objects sometimes have their own mind.

It’s definitely a sign that I need to play her more. Get used to me! Muahahaha!

Okay, I should probably be less aggressive to her.

And Allah is Al-Mubdi, The Producer, Originator, And Initiator Of All. – MM