In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

Police blocked my husband’s number… must be because we, the complainants, are Malays.

I finally responded to my bandmate’s musical challenge, if you are not updated on this yet.

I closed the chapter on the neighbour saga because you know, whatever. Nobody, including the housing board, gave a diddly squat for a home owner who has paid for his house in full simply because he is a Malay. So I can’t give two hoots about the country now in general.

Been livestreaming my blind playthroughs with Nora on YouTube because PS4 is convenient like that. I also tested livestreaming on Twitch using Twitch Studio with a webcam on me. That was a new experience, which you may not get to see often because I’m lazy like that. Must be because I’m Malay.

Even Malays don’t treat Malays fairly here in this country. Stupid She-Who-Does-Not-Deserved-To-Be-Named.

Right now, just trying to move on with my life and yep, I am moving on with a different worldview now. Specifically, this:


And Allah is Al-Mumeet, The Bringer of Death. – MM