About The Police And A Little More

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

I will have to retract my ill sentiment towards the police after what had happened.

In early May, I was scammed. I didn’t file a police report because at that time, I no longer had any faith in them due to the whole number blocking thing. At the request of Grab, I finally filed an online police report. I was contacted by an officer to provide a statement. We were supposed to meet at my nearest police station but I only found out at the police station that my appointment was overlooked. Look, I could have kicked up a storm, upload another disappointment post, but to me, it was pretty obvious that there are more serious cases out there compared to mine. I’m sensitive but not unreasonable. I didn’t mind the trip out since it’s near my house and I had a direct bus. Some fresh air always does one good. I digressed. Anyway, later on that night the officer contacted me again and offered to meet me at my home. I didn’t want to initially because my house wasn’t guest-ready but since he wanted to get it done quickly and I wanted to get it done quickly, we did meet in the comfort of my home eventually.

The officer was really kind. He even explained to me how exactly noise nuisance matters are like. So apparently, you’re supposed to call the direct number of your nearest NPC instead of the general non-emergency hotline. More responsive. And you’re supposed to call every 15 minutes to let them know that the noise is still persisting. Otherwise, they will think that the noise has subsided and so they won’t take any action. He himself has attended to a noise nuisance complaint. It was about an inconsiderate resident who turns the TV on loudly at 1am in the morning everyday. He knocked and informed the resident that it was too noisy and told him to turn it down but the resident was like, “This is mah house and I’mma do whatever I want”. So the officer waited outside to monitor. The resident still had the TV on loudly. So the officer knocked on the door again to remind. The resident was still insistent on keeping the TV on at that volume. The officer waited again while monitoring. The resident still didn’t repent so at the third knock, the officer went in and removed the TV.

I have read somewhere that it is part of the law that enables the police to remove the object that is causing the noise.

So now that I know how exactly to report noise nuisance from my upstairs neighbours, I’m feeling better about it. I’m still a little salty but hey, my neighbours have been quieter, and an officer has explained everything to me. So all is good.

So now NWA’s Fuck The Police should be wholly directed to the policemen worldwide who practice police brutality. Makes my skin crawl — the thought that a classic song dating decades ago is still relevant today.

Anyway, police cases aside, life is life.

And Allah is Al-Waajid, The Perceiver. – MM


Author: Metropolitan Muslimah

Born 1989. Female. Metropolitan Muslimah. Songstress. Teacher in the Early Childhood Care and Education sector in Singapore. Gooner since the signing of Mesut Özil on 2 September 2013. We won two back-to-back FA Cups since. Made my first trip to the Emirates on 10 May 2015 followed by my first home game against Swansea City on 11 May 2015, which we lost 0-1.

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