In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

I think I don’t share as much about my growing of greens on this blog as much as I did on my Instagram. It felt simpler to microblog the progress of my greens’ growth on Insta.

But anyway, the last microgreen I grew was coriander and I had the opportunity to give the harvest to my mum.

I was surprised that she liked the taste of my greens! She said it suited the dish she cooked as well! It was her first time trying a Bangladeshi recipe called Chicken Labadar.

I have to admit it feels pretty awesome to see my produce on a plate! It’s a good vote of confidence as well. Like yeah, I can totally do this!

However, I’m still cautious if my good luck in growing microgreens is just a fluke.

I don’t have anymore microgreen seeds so I thought I’d try growing some random plant. I bought the following seeds from the local supermarket:

I told myself that if I can grow these successfully, then perhaps I have a green thumb.

Unlike microgreens, the germination for full-sized plants take longer. For these seeds, it would be about twice as long.

So yeah, let’s see how it rolls out.

This week is going to be hectic. My workplace will be launching a special collection this Friday.

I have no idea how I’ll survive Friday as I’ll be starting work at 8am and I have a jamming session at 9pm.

All the best to me.

May Allah grant me His Favours. – MM