In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

I think I’ve shared enough sadness on my social media. I think I better get back to the daily grind.

Even a newly made friend by the name of hdb_hydroponics on Instagram felt sad going through my stories. So that was quite something.

My work suffered yesterday because I allowed myself to be so emo so today I will need to play catch-up.

My husband and I were supposed to hang out with didi and G Hustler tonight but didi couldn’t make it. I’ll leave it to both my husband and G Hustler to plan if it’s still on.

If nothing materialises, I think I’m going to take a walk along the Singapore River or something after work. Either Esplanade or VivoCity. I don’t know. Sometimes the best plan is no plan, in the words of didi. Maybe figure out a way to that Apple shop on water. Maybe indulge in night street photography on my lousy budget phone. Lol.

We’ll see how it goes later today. I could really use some form of rejuvenation in preparation for the year ahead.

And Allah knows best. – MM