In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

I wasted the entire day yesterday when I could have gotten a lot of things done. I’m deeply unhappy about that.

And it’s always worse when I wasted it feeling deeply unhappy throughout as well.

So right now I am determined to not let yesterday’s episode have a rerun for the rest of the week.

So let’s plan the week:

Tuesday (AM shift):

Correspond with Myeongdong representative regarding my final claim.

Finish the transfer-out to warehouse.

– Correspond with Iskandar regarding our photoshoot plan. Postponed to Saturday.

Wednesday (AM shift):

– Withdraw from savings to pay for A’s insurance Postponed to 28/1 and for the rest of the month’s expenditure.

Scout Cold Storage’s The Marketplace at Paragon for microgreens.

– Scout Prime and Fairprice Xtra supermarkets near home for microgreens. Postponed to 22/1.

Thursday (Off day):

– Scout eateries that will be open to ordering microgreens from SG. Postponed to 22/1.

– Learn all the songs for jamming session. Postponed to 22/1.

– Practise all the songs for jamming session. Postponed to 22/1.

Friday (AM shift):

Review NH21 and draft out action plan to address unaccomplishments.

– Continue Customer Satisfaction video sharing. Postponed until I am done setting up the lockers and thank-you board instead

– Do Pickupp delivery if available to earn a bit of money. If not, check with Giant near home if they have a vacancy for ad-hoc part-time midnight replenishment.

Saturday (AM shift):

– Draw up financial plan for A to work on ad-hoc delivery.

– Check Service Channel to upkeep maintenance reports.

– Draw up financial plan for myself if I were to let go of my full-time job.

Sunday (AM shift):

– Watch a YouTube video on Islam.

– Pack clothes into boxes for Recycle Project.

– Blog about the video I watched.

And Allah knows best. – MM