In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

I am always heartened by people of other faith defending people of mine. I find that, sometimes, people just lack sensibilities. They bang the drum, talk about freedom of choice for women to, let’s say, wear a bikini, but at the same time, they refuse to allow women to choose to wear a burka. Where is the sense in that?

So props to George Brandis who understood that the act of wearing a burka for the general Muslim women is their act of faith, a personal choice that is sacred to them. Personally, a burka would be good for me because I am voluptuous. These hips don’t lie, man, and I am sexier than any curvaceous motorcycles. But I haven’t reached that level of faith yet. I’m still very shallow in my faith. But generally, I believe in the principle of protecting one’s modesty. And I am still tying to enforce that in my everyday life.

And Allah is Al-Quddus, The Most Sacred. – MM