In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

Okay, I have had ample opportunity to emo, to complain, to wallow in my sadness, to allow myself to fall sick and recover, and mostly to let go some baggage.

I need to push on. I cannot allow myself to stay stuck. So it is back to business for me starting with work tomorrow at 10am. Before that, I am going to do some morning gardening. I intend to sow another little pot of greens to hang on my wrought iron gate so that my little blue pot of arugula will not feel so lonely.

I am also going to monitor my half-and-half tray of microgreens.

It really is tricky, doing it the G Hustler way but I have to learn it well as a Smile Sower of Smiling Greens, yo.

My red russian kale microgreens are looking so spindly. They look like a devastation.

On the other hand, my purple kohlrabi microgreens are looking a day better than the kale.

Going to add some fertiliser with the water. I will have to do my gardening at 7am.

At work, I intend to finish the final round of transfer-out to warehouse together with my colleague so that we will be absolutely done with it because Lord knows I still need to deal with the store handover shindigs. At least stocktake is over while I was on MC. LOL. Officially, I should end at 8.30pm but if I really want to be done with the transfer-out, I might extend to a total of 11 working hours excluding break times. So strap in!

When I am back from my full-time job, or maybe during my breaks actually, I will have to confirm with LEE-Rocka our meeting on Friday and start having some ideas in preparation for the meeting.

Then before I head to bed, I need to do some housekeeping of the home, of SG, and of SMC.

If I work 11 hours, that means I’ll only end at 10.30pm. Will reach home at 11.30pm. Best. Like how am I supposed to do much at that hour?

Just whack it. I am pretty sure it will end with at least a round of PUBG because the husband is absolutely obsessed with it.

And Allah is Ar-Rahmaan, The Most Merciful. – MM