In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

My sister Hazwanni is getting married today! And I’m the worst sister ever.

I think I’m still too selfish. I need to gather my energy for tomorrow and work throughout! I tried really hard to get more work done but I still feel the exhaustion from my full-time job.

So right now, as I am getting ready to sleep at 2am, I decided to plan out the things I need to get done later during the day.

7am: Subuh, Quran, and charge GoPro

7.30am: Breakfast

8am: Iron outfits for attending wedding

10am: Complete packing of wedding favours

1pm: Purchase memory cards for GoPro

3pm: Get ready for wedding

Evening before bed: Blog on MM, share current affairs on SG, check on Stripe’s reply for SMC, and check on 4V77V.

It will be a busy day tomorrow.

And Allah knows best. – MM