What is limitation?; I Ramble: 12 May 2023

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

I woke up today just as my husband wanted to go to bed at around 9am. No typos there.

I’m having difficulty keeping my eyes open and my body feels wrecked. Technically, I have only worked for two days and on both days, the crowd is mild. However, I feel super worn out right now.

Maybe I overexerted myself last night. I just kinda took it upon myself to help all departments with their customer-returned items by passing to them from the fitting rooms as well as the welcome desk.

Maybe I didn’t realise I have been overexerting myself by working everyday. I just never really get to have a proper rest. Being a GrabFood walker is no walk in the park. My shoulders and back are hurting a lot from carrying big and heavy orders.

Whatever it is, I only have a few hours to recover. Today’s shift is going to be more tiring with a small crowd coming in the evening.


I’ve got nice things to be cheered up by, though. A kind soul at work, Davan, got me a bag that’s meant for fishing stuff. Hooray! I really like how compact it is. It’s not waterproof but it’s nifty! It comes with modular boxes that can help me organise my fishing stuff. I prolly don’t need all 4 boxes so I can have room to keep my reel in it! I am extremely grateful!

I also realised that everyone at work treats me as a valuable member. My sister even commented that I am happier now. It is definitely something to be grateful about.

I also had a deep conversation with Shike last night. That is also something to be grateful about. Mate pretty much is exhausted as I am. I think he works more than I do in Australia. We finally sorta caught up with whatever was going on in our lives. Mostly, I needed a perspective I couldn’t get from Singapore. Our conversation made me realise that I know what to do all along. I am just bound to inaction.

Well, what is limitation?

How far can I push my body? What are my physical limits?

How heavy are the responsibilities I carry on my shoulders that cause my movement to be limited? What can I do with and without?

How do I know what is the best outcome? What are my rights?

The conclusion for now is that I need an honest conversation with myself and an overdue long good cry.

And Allah is Al-Baari, The Originator. – MM


Author: Metropolitan Muslimah

Born 1989. Female. Metropolitan Muslimah. Songstress. Teacher in the Early Childhood Care and Education sector in Singapore. Gooner since the signing of Mesut Özil on 2 September 2013. We won two back-to-back FA Cups since. Made my first trip to the Emirates on 10 May 2015 followed by my first home game against Swansea City on 11 May 2015, which we lost 0-1.

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