In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.

I never knew my colleagues held me in high esteem so I was surprised when they were shocked that I cussed out loud “FUCK” when we gooners discovered that we lost to Tottenham 1-0.

What do you do when you get upset over it?

You check out the scoreline for the new club that your ex-player went to.

Newcastle 1 – 0 Man U.

Even better, when your ex-player had a clear shot at goal but botched the opp. His weakness is just too obvious. He keeps on having to sort out his feet, especially his right foot instead of just winging it with any kind of decent kick. That lack of improvisation cost the entire team. And Lukaku got a little kaku.

But really, I think, they just didn’t have any luck in that match, having watched the highlights. It seems like away games are tougher for all the teams now. Is it a suggestion that home fans are getting stronger? That would be a good sign if it is.

Anywho, today marks my one year anniversary of being engaged to Beedin. Woot! And three more months to our wedding! OMG.

And Allah is the Kindest. – MM