In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

I was still feeling a bit of hangover from the jamming session that happened on the 25th. I always feel this whenever I had a good time with the boys!

I only practised at noon on that day. Hahaha! I was supposed to have started earlier but oh wells. I did get a bit of rock education. Found out that Joan Jett went through hell to be a rock-and-roll icon. So I kind of channelled that rock spirit yesterday, even in my outfit, which, by the way, I think was absolutely cute. I didn’t point this out to any of the boys. Seems not to be something any of the boys are able to appreciate. *silent cry* Hahaha!

I went for a punk rock look. I had my favourite Uniqlo Sex Pistols t-shirt on and matched it with a short skirt and boots! I was actually dressed in all Uniqlo items (except my socks). Even my mates were wearing Uniqlo items and both A and G Hustler were wearing the same Uniqlo pants! Goodness! We should be sponsored by them when we reach international stardom!

I specially whipped out my Uniqlo faux leather jacket for the Joan Jett song, I Hate Myself For Loving You. Sadly, G Hustler didn’t get to practise that song much. Alamak.

I should look for a double breasted faux leather jacket instead. I don’t think Uniqlo Singapore will carry it anytime soon though so I might have to hunt for it somewhere else. Like Zara. Sad.

Sorry, I really cannot get over how good I looked yesterday! Here is a still frame taken from our jam video!

Cute, right?! Hahaha!

I don’t know if it’s too outrageous for a person in her 30s to wear, what more married. But then again, when else is a better opportunity to enjoy my youth if not now? I wonder if I can still pull this off 10 years down the road. I think that would be interesting to monitor.

I also think I look good holding the bass. I didn’t bother hanging it on me properly as I was just helping A to hold it while he meddled with the guitar. Here’s another!

Come on, you have to admit I look rad! Speaking of the bass, I challenged Didi to practise his guitar/bass/drums/whichever every night from 11pm to 12am while I am to practise the bass at the same time. It began last night! I decided to work on the Hotel California song. If I can play the bass for that song, at least it will be easier for A to play guitar with G Hustler. Good plan, right?!

However, after trying it out, I realised that it’s better to start wth Zombie. Zombie does need two guitars on it. A taught me how to play the riff so I practised it last night. Even on heels! Muahahaha! I can’t wait to show off to the boys that I can play bass and sing on heels! Yeah, I was inspired by Linda Ong of Lunarin, a local band, who is an Arsenal fan too, by the way. I watched her perform live. She had just finished her work as a lawyer and was still in her office heels yet she played her Thunderbird and sang like it was the simplest thing to do!

Also, I have to point this out, I look good with the drums! Here’s another!

Muahahaha! I think I managed the drums better than G Hustler! I wish I can have all money in the world to always book a jamming studio for at least a one-hour practice session on the drums. I’ll have to see my budget to consider playing for an hour on my off days. I think Trinity Studio would be perfect as the size is enough for me and the process of booking is quite seamless. I don’t have to make a minimum two-hour booking either. We’ll see about that but A would probably tell me to just play his e-drum.

But more importantly, I need to work on my vocals. For songs like Alone, I think my voice fits incredibly well with the verses and I need to develop more power for the choruses. I’m starting to understand the sound of my vocals a little now. Like I don’t feel I have a generic pop voice. When I first became more serious about singing, I was trying to follow the styles of mezzo sopranos. But maybe I am more alto? In any case, I know I impressed Didi and G Hustler when I tried to sing Zombie as similarly as possible as the original’s. You can see it in the video. Got good reactions when I first sang the Zombie lines. Hahaha!

Anyway, here’s the full video of the jam sesh. Enjoy! I know I did!

And Allah knows best. – MM